September 28, 2016

Some Kitchen Inspiration: Devol Kitchens

We have some big kitchen projects in the works! The biggest of them being laying the vinyl tile floor we got last week. While those are underway, I thought I'd share a company that was a source of inspiration for me while we were planning our kitchen. Devol Kitchens is an English company that does kitchens, bathrooms, interiors, and flooring that your dreams are made of. They perfectly mix Shaker and English styles, leaving it modern and classic looking. My favorite part of this entire company, and part of what makes them so classy, is the velvety look they get from their flat paint. ChrisLovesJulia talked about the importance of paint sheen in their Podcast, especially in the kitchen. Sadly ours ended up being a semi-gloss coated with a satin top coat so they aren't quite as flat as I would like. Not to mention that low to no gloss don't get as dirty as glossy sheens.

During our planning, I was struggling with whether or not to do a color, a two toned color, or just a neutral like I talked about in this post. And that was all because of photos like these. The deep velvety emerald green is so enticing. The functionality of the kitchen is not anywhere near realistic for us, but it is still beautiful nonetheless. That marble countertop/backsplas must have cost a fortune and I'm sure was worth it, they're incredible. Having an art ledge in the kitchen is probably unrealistic, or so I thought at first. As I looked through the rest of the photos, I realized that this is England, and houses/apartments there are smalllll. You can see a corner of a table or island thing in the photo, but from another angle you'll see that it is their dining room table! Yes, they eat right in the middle of their kitchen. So realizing that wall space is probably limited, I can see why it could be in the kitchen.

I chose a tuxedo look for the cabinets in our kitchen, but I still love the look of a clean neutral space. These beige velvet cabinets leave the room feeling light and airy. The amazing glass cupboard is a great use of space, especially when it is paired with a clean marble counter top. Speaking of beige, Sherwin William's name their 2017 Color of the Year and it is "Poised Taupe." It is a very warm gray with beige undertones and it's awesome. In the store it is actually warmer than it looks on the website, so always see colors in person. That little green fern is just adorable too.

Even though all of these are my favorites, I tend to lean towards loving this one the most because it is the closest to my kitchen and I find it the most plausible for me. The contrast is something that I find to be grounding and pleasing to the eye, whereas a completely light neutral or completely dark color palette can be overwhelming. The pendant lights are a little too farmhouse-y for me, but the subway tile and deep navy make up for it. The island wood counter top and the marble counter top make the contrast even more stark while bringing natural elements in the space. 

I am in love with this counter top cupboard that opens straight onto the marble counter. They are spot on again with the color. 

The two toned neutral combo was very appealing and brings this kitchen to another level. Those natural wood beams bring the natural element.

Again, just great choices all around. Maybe in another kitchen I'll go gray and brass, or light neutrals. Devol has a great sense of style and I'll be pinning their kitchens like crazy once again when I do my next kitchen. Hopefully you find them just as inspirational as I did.


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