September 26, 2018

$100 Room Challenge | Week 4: The Full Bathroom Reveal

Every reveal day is like Christmas. I get to compare where a space started out to where it is today. Today I get to share our bathroom renovation we complete for just (90¢ over) $100 in 4 short weeks. One of those weeks I spent out of town so it really was only 3 weeks!

Week 1: The Bathroom Befores & Plans
Week 2: Refreshing the Hex Tile
Week 3: Painting the Walls White

September 18, 2018

$100 Room Challenge | Week 3: Painting the Walls White

Week 3 of the $100 Room Challenge is not a super exciting post for us, so bear with me. I painted the white walls... white. Also all the prep that comes with painting like caulking, spackling, and sanding - which if you've ever done a painting project you know a good paint job is made up of 90% good prep job. If you haven't seen the past few weeks of this challenge you can catch up below.

Week 1: The Befores & Plans
Week 2: Refreshing the Hex Tile

September 11, 2018

$100 Room Challenge | Week 2: Refreshing the Hex Tile

September is hurricane season and in Georgia we are preparing for the backlash of Florence. Everyone is headed in-land from the coast and traffic patterns are crazy. The second week of the $100 Room Challenge is usually pretty non-eventful for me. I'm still in the undecided planning zone still wondering which direction to take the space. This week I turned my attention to our 60 year old matte black hex tile floor.

Week 1: The Before & Plans

September 10, 2018

Utilizing the Useless Space Above the Cabinets

Do you have an awkward empty space above your cabinets? Once we installed this side of the kitchen when there was 0 cabinets there before, we totally had one of those spaces. It nagged at me for 2 years and I finally found a way to utilize all that dead space. I just had to build it myself.

September 5, 2018

$100 Room Challenge | Week 1: The Bathroom Befores & Plans

There's nothing that gets my heart pumping like choosing a space to tackle for the $100 Room Challenge the night before your post goes live. I finally settled on our full bathroom. It is our only full bathroom, is pretty small, and has 0 storage. The biggest goal for this round is to finally get a real coat of paint on the walls to cover up the 3 different kinds of paint sheen, possibly find a pendant light, and mainly make some storage options.

The tile work wasn't terrible when we moved in and was probably the best room in the house. Hence, why we haven't done anything to the space in 2 years. But it's finally time! I'm have no idea how many things we'll fit in the budget this time, so this round will be extra fun.

If you don't know what the $100 Room Challenge is, you can read about it on Erin's blog. Basically we take one space and make it over in just one month with only a $100 budget. It stretches our creative juices and gives the extra motivation to tackle a space.

This challenge has already helped me make over our half bath, our carport, our hallway closet.

Here's how it looked 2 years ago when we moved in.

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