September 2, 2016

Fortune Cookie Friday 006

In case you haven't seen, Target is having a huge 30% off home items. I snagged this adjustable floor lamp that I have been eyeing for the living room and this double lamp for the office. Lamps are perhaps the best thing to happen to homes since electricity. Registries are such a wonderful thing becuase you can use them even after whatever event you got it for. I keep all ours we did from the wedding up to date just in case someone needs a birthday, Christmas, or whatever occasion gift idea. I love giving presents and I think registries are a great tool because you know you're getting something the person really wants.

Speaking of gifts, do you ever want to send someone a small, cute, personalized and inexpensive gift for any occasion? Greetabl is here to rescue you. They make a small box that you pick the pattern of, fill it with whatever gift at whatever price point you want, and then put in a personalized message and pictures. The gift giver in me is just jumping for joy. They have the best taste in patterns and gifts they offer, and give you great advice if you don't know what to write in your message.

Currently, I am dreaming about a cozy bedroom like this one from Room&Board. I usually don't like canopy beds, but this modern wood looks amazing in the fresh white room.

I found my new favorite chocolate: Mast. They make the creamiest chocolate you've ever had, and package it in the prettist wrapping you've ever seen. I especially love the 2016 Collection that has all of the flavors in one box and the Sea Salt Collection.

Me and Auston love watching funny videos (we first bonded over some), and FailArmy on YouTube is one of our favorites. In honor of the recent Olympics, they did a Fail Olympics and this video is one of our favorites. Be prepared to laugh.

Really considering this vinyl tile for the half bathroom attached to the master. ChrisLovesJulia did a great post where they laid it in a kitchen and it looked great.

Any one have fun plans for the long weekend? Ours is to finish our house for move in day.

P.S. Did anyone notice that there is no more .blogspot in the address bar?! Yes, we finally got our own domain name, and while Jonesville was taken, we grabbed, YAYY!! 

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