September 6, 2016

Putting Down Quarter-Round

We are getting anxious to get in this house you guys. So anxious, we just ripped out the old counter top and sink before we were done painting everything and moved some of our stuff into the bedrooms. No sink obviously makes things more difficult, but it felt like we were getting somewhere. After the last coats of top coating go on the cabinets, we really only have to have the vinyl and counter top guys come out before we can start moving stuff in, eek!

After the floors were refinished here, we were going to put quarter-round down to polish it off. The house came with some pretty hardwood natural quarter-round, but after taking the whole of it out we decided to buy new ones. It seemed easier to buy it than try to repair the ones we had broken, try to get the million and one nails out without breaking them more, and then painting them twice. In lieu of the hours it would have taken to do all that, we decided to scrap the old ones, run to Home Depot and get 200ft.(61¢ per ft.) of primed quarter-round for just $120. It was well worth the money. Auston lined up and painted them all trim white with one coat, and installed it over the weekend.

Here is the living room right after they refinished the floors, with no quarter round. There is a gap between the floor and the baseboards, making it look unfinished and a nice place for bugs to hide (ew!).

And here is part of the room with quarter round installed.

Now there is a seamless transition between the walls and the floors. It took Auston and my dad about a few hours to make all the measurements, cuts, and nail them down. They took a measure and cut as you go approach, that way they had backups if they messed up. You wouldn't think a small piece of wood would make such a difference in a space, but it really does. It gives the "we knew what we were doing" vibe.

The guys got excited that we are getting so close to moving in that they moved a ton of my stuff in while I was gone. Really not the best decision since we still have small painting to do in the rooms, but it did make me happy to feel like this place is actually starting to feel like home. Probably because my stuff is in there, but most likely because our voices don't echo anymore.

While I was at Home Depot, I also found these simple satin nickle keyed entry sets for our exterior doors. For whatever weird reason, all of our exterior doors had deadbolts, but they could only be unlocked with the key, so no turn to lock things. We decided that they were incredibly inconvenient, not to mention dangerous, so we grabbed 3 sets of these on sale for $15. Auston asked me if I had purposefully got them all with the same model number, meaning they all had the same key. I said no, but I had noticed it earlier and thought it was bad (I don't know why). But he said it was good that way we don't have different keys for all the doors. I immediately face palmed myself and had a duh moment. Thankfully, I was incredibly lucky that day at Home Depot because those were the only 3 left. While I was there,  I also saw this pretty faux-Persian in the rug section. It was an 8'x10' for $167. I am seriously considering it for our master bedroom, because rugs are ridiculously expensive and out of our budget right now.


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