October 25, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week 4 | Restoring an Antique Typewriter Desk Part 1

Most important news first, the ORC will be extended this season by one week! Due to all of the natural disasters which have affected many states including largely delayed shipping times, the reveal date will be moved to November 15th for the featured designers and November 16th for the guest participants. It's lifted a weight off my shoulders since this desk restoration is taking longer than expected and will end up being two posts.

While I was in high school my parents got this antique typewriter desk that had been painted white. It has the flap that you would push up and it would bring the typewriter up to use. Thankfully they deconstructed it and just screwed the top flap straight to the desk so I didn't have to. This desk has been siting in the guest room since we moved in where it has served as my vanity/desk. The bad thing about it was it's size. It is bulky and incredibly deep - making in a great middle of the room desk in the office. The white paint had also been worn down and stained from my painting over the years that I could either paint the whole thing again or strip it down to its raw wood. Of course, I took the hard way.

Week 1: The Befores
Week 2: The Mood Board(s)
Week 3: Salvaging A Fox Hunt Print

October 24, 2017

An Update on Our DIY Fridge Paint Job

You might remember when we DIY'ed our fridge paint job when we moved in almost a year ago. It only cost $16 and transformed our old almond color into a not so ugle black one. 2 months later, that fridge died and we were on the hunt for another one. Luckily, my parents had just bought a house to renovate and it came with an old almond Whirlpool Mark I, the same model that had died. We spent another $16 on paint and basically we got another fridge for $16. I grabbed the spray paint and gave it the same treatment as the original. Today I wanted to answer all your questions and give you an update on it 10 months later.

October 18, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week 3 | Salvaging a Fox Hunt Print

One Room Challenge land is a very different animal this time around. Last time, we were starting from studs and there was SO much to do every week. Now that we are basically just furnishing a finished room, I feel like there is not that much to share with you guys! Luckily, we were digging around in our attic and I found our post for the week. Enter in this old fox hunt print.

Week 1: The Befores
Week 2: The Mood Board(s)

October 12, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week 2 | Home Office Mood Board

The second week of the One Room Challenge is all the planning and idea generating hours culminated into one short post. I have been thinking all week about what this room should feel/look like - and there are still a lot of unkowns haha. I'd like to do an accent wall treatment, but none of the walls lend themselves to do one. All of my pins have dark walls,  leather chairs, and  of course wall treatments. Why can't you just do a wall treatment or paint the walls dark you ask? Among other excuses, the main one is we are most likely going to rent this house out and I would have to repaint any dark colors for renting purposes, but anything can happen in the next 4 weeks so we'll see.

Week 1: Home Office Befores

Studio McGee's photo is giving me so much inspiration in the colors, the way they mix metals, and the simpleness of the desk. We already have the swivel chair pictured in the mood board, and I was a little worried about how a chrome chair would fit into a room. But after studying photos of their offices I'm sure I can pair it with some warm brass pieces.

October 9, 2017

Quick Closet Refresh & Shoe Storage Option

A functional and efficient closet system can make all the difference in how you feel about and live out of your closet. In February we refreshed the guest bedroom closet, where I keep my clothes, and added a custom shelving unit because it had little function. Almost mirroring that guest closet is the master bedroom closet which Auston uses. When we moved in it was a single rod with one shelf that did not look good but it definitely didn't give a lot of usable space. We installed two rods with brackets and stained some planks to set on top. But where do the shoes go you ask?

October 4, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week 1 | The Home Office Befores

Even though we just finished our carport reveal for the $100 Room Challenge, I couldn't pass up joining in on our second round of the One Room Challenge. Last May we participated for the first time as a Guest Participant where we completely transformed our laundry room from studs into a functioning space in just 6 weeks. They ask 20 bloggers to participate as the Featured Designers, who post on Wednesdays, and then open the challenge to other blogger to participate as a Guest Participant. You can see all the Guest Participants linked up on Calling It Home's website.

This go around we decided to tackle our "home office" which is just our 3rd bedroom which is functioning as our storage room right now. It houses all the things we don't know where to put. I honestly did not know how long it takes to get "unpacked" and settled in a house. We are going on one year here and we are still bringing stuff back from my parents house. We've already come along way in those 12 months, from painting the walls and tearing up the carpets to refinishing the hardwood floors and improving our hollow core doors.

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