September 9, 2016

Fortune Cookie Friday 007

Update on our progress: today the electrician and Internet guys are at the house doing their thing. Yay for internet! The electrician is putting in an outlet in the full bathroom because it didn't have one (I don't know why). Next the counter guy can come and then the floor guy! Now for the usual other stuff for today.

This bathroom picture from Kate La Vie' post is giving me a bunch of inspiration for our half bath off of the master. When I think of tiling, like most people, I think of a straight edge where it meets the wall. But this picture blew my mind. Laying the tile in a herringbone pattern and leaving it unfinished gives the space a texture and a pattern at the same time.

THE cutest grilled cheese sandwiches you will ever see. If I had kids, I'm sure they'd love them.

If I had a baby, and not a small budget, I would get one of these Ovo high chairs. They are modern and come with a detachable cushion insert. Speaking of babies, this grey bassinet is just the cutest.

Is anyone besides me super excited for Dr. Strange? November 4th you guys.

I've been looking for small decorations for the house and these rock salt candle holders are just awesome.

Ever since we got married, I have been looking for a wifey t-shirt. That one is the cutest and comfiest I've found.

It's September and I'm really looking forward to fall. I have an unnatural love of sweaters, especially if they're gray. Maybe because I'm cold all the time, but really because they are just so dang comfy. J.Crew is having a huge sale and I'd like this one, this one, this coat (drool), this skirt, this skirt, and all three of these scarves.

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