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We love our home and I, Elizabeth, love running this blog. It is somewhere we can share how we uncover our homes potential. For 3 years I ran it as a fashion blog and didn't make a dime on my posts, outfits, or links. Now that Jonesville has formed and has been running for more than a year, I can see a dreamy future where this blog is my full-time job. In order to reach that dream, we have started to take steps towards advertising, sponsorship, and affiliate linking.

Sponsorship are a controversial subject to readers (I read many other blogs too, so I still have readers opinions), but as a blogger sometimes we are approached by companies that wish to collaborate and sponsor a post and sometimes we approach them. In each instance we ensure that the company is someone we would work with on our own volition even if they had not approached us. If we're doing a project and completely fall in love with a product, sometimes we will contact the company and see if they would like to sponsor the project. We will never promote a product that doesn't fit into our home's aesthetic or budget (since budget is a very important thing to us). If we wouldn't buy the product ourselves, we won't promote it - even if it is "free." Whether a product is donated or a post is sponsored, we will always let you know in an upfront and clear way. These sponsorship help us create more content and keep the projects going so that we can fully recognize our home's potential.

We use affiliate links in posts when we have bought something we love or find something we intend to buy. In no way are we compensated to highlight specific products through affiliate linking. Which means if you fall in love with the same rug we did, click on the link and end up buying it, we may make a small commission. We will never link a product we wouldn't 100% buy ourselves, because if it isn't good enough for our home then it definitely isn't good enough for yours.

What is this going to change about the blog? Absolutely nothing. Every post, product, and company is the same one we would work with if we weren't getting paid, just like it has been for the past year and a half.  It just means we may make a few cents off a product link or may receive products for free. If you've made it this far, we hope you know that if a post is sponsored, we will specifically disclose it in the post and if something is affiliate linked, it's because we are trying to keep the blog lights on to bring you better content.

If you have any questions, or are a business that would like to work with us, let's get in touch. Thanks for following along with our renovation journey and ultimately our life, because we should all love where we live.
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