August 6, 2018

Refreshing the Carport Pit for $50

Last fall I participated in my second $100 Room Challenge where I renovated our carport. For some reason our driveway  has a square piece of uncovered ground right next to a downspout. Before the complete landscaping renovation it was overrun with weeds and thorns. But I still didn't get a few things right the first go around so I wanted to give it a refresh. If you've been following along with my InstaStories you've seen all the behind the scenes during this project. If you missed it, you can catch them all on my highlighted "Carport" stories.

August 1, 2018

Disguising the Guest Room Shoe Rack with Paint

The guest room doubles as my closet and vanity. We have small closets and having a dedicated desk where I can get ready is really helpful. The downside is I also have to store all my shoes on an ugly pre-fab shoe rack in there.

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