September 19, 2016

Favorite Finds for September

Our flooring situation has changed. The quote for the sheet vinyl came back with an insane prep and installation fee, so we decided to look for other options. We ran to Home Depot to return some things and decided to look at the vinyl tile. To our surprise we found this Carrara Marble vinyl tile that I fell in love with. My original kitchen mood board had wood flooring that I thought we could match to our hardwoods. But after we refinished them, we just could not find one that matched the beautiful grain that came out. That's when we decided to go to a local store and have them install some of their sheet vinyl. Unfortunately, they only had a medium gray tile that I could settle for even though I was looking for a white one. So when we came across this vinyl tile at Home Depot that we could install ourselves for 1/4 of the sheet vinly price, we immediately made a decision. Yesterday we leveled the floor underneath and are going to install it this weekend. Yayy! Wednesday we'll share our updated vents and outlets that we DIYed. P.S. There is a 30-50% off Home Sale at Macy's for 48 hours!

Since I don't have any new renovation pictures to share, here is a few cute items for the upcoming fall season. You can follow my Pinterest Favorite Finds board to see all the past items I've posted about and some that I will link to in future posts! I'm seriously envying the duvet for our new king bed and am going to DIY that awesome chalkboard art. The Rewind Champagne candle is one of the best smelling candles I've ever some across. They make candles in all kinds of wine scents and they smell crazy good.

Hand art / Candle /  Turkish rug / Basket / Rug /  Duvet /Throw 

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