August 3, 2016

The Inspiration Behind A Black and White Kitchen

We got some paint samples for our kitchen cabinets and decided on a white and black! When we decided on black lowers and white uppers, it was not without hesitation. Auston's initial reaction was "Noooo." I knew that I liked two toned cabinets, but I didn't know if I had the guts to put them in my kitchen. So like any other 20 something that has a house, I turned to the almighty Pinterest for some inspiration. I was concerned that the modern black and white wouldn't mesh well with our mid-century ranch. But as we painted the walls grey and the trim white, I could see the black and white working well with our style and the house's style. I knew we wanted a clean and modern space, but I was afraid that all white would be too white - so the real question is, would I have the guts to do a black and white kitchen? The black lowers break up the white and give some color to the room. After testing the samples we got, let's just say the excitement is real you guys. Here are some pictures that gave me the vision and inspiration to do a black and white kitchen.

**Most of the pictures are linked, but if they're not, they are all sourced from Pinterest! Just search "black and white kitchen."

Below is my number one inspiration picture. It has the black and white cabinets, but also the whiteish counter top and brass hardware. After looking at all my inspiration pictures, I decided on brass hardware because of the warmth it brings to the room. It is just so clean and modern and amazing right?! I wasn't so sure about the industrial sized fixtures at first, but they are starting to grow on me.

I lovee this picture, but I'm not sure how I feel about dark grout. My first thought is that I like it, but someone mentioned that it might be dated really quickly so I am reconsidering it.  Maybe a darker color than just white though? I loved the dark blue lowers, but Auston seemed to like the black better, and in the end I think it works better for this house. The dark silver hardware is pretty, I just think the brass works better with the black. 

Suuuch a dreamy kitchen. The white upper half pairs well with the dark lowers, warm wood floor, and that amazing runner. I LOVE the openess of the top with the open shelving and huge window. Even though you don't think of a farm sink when you think of modern, but this kitchen makes it work. Love how this window doesn't have any shades. And those scones! At first I thought the rod pulls were what we would put on our cabinets, but I think we have decided on the brass full faced pulls like the last picture.

I seriously love all of the black in this picture. Matte black finishes are showing up every where right now and there is a reason why. A little bit of greenery takes a dull room, which a modern style can do, and put a little life into it. The unframed art that just sits on the counter is an unfinished look that makes it look effortless. I'm also looking at shades to put in our house that won't break the bank, and right now these fabric pull ups are looking pretty cute. Also, adorable tea pot. 

This picture appeals to me obviously because of the colors, but really because of the type of cabinets. *Fun Fact: I literally can never spell because. Auto correct for the win.* Since we bought a home made in the 50's, it has the typical flat face cabinetry that is paper thin. Because we are not trying to spend a fortune on this kitchen, we are just painting right over them. Does it matter that one side will be flat and one will have molding? I don't think so, but we'll see haha. I'm thinking to maybe DIY a molding project somewhere in the future. It also has the mixed rod and knobs pulls.

This ended up being one of the most closely related picture to our (envisioned) kitchen with the black lowers, gold full faced pulls, drop in sink, subway tiles, and long pendant light. The glass panes are awesome, but something we won't do in this house. We haven't bought the hardware yet, but we are debating on full faced pulls for the drawers and knobs for the cabinets, or just full faced for the entire thing. Right now I'm leaning towards mixing the two, but we'll see how it goes. And you can't go wrong with eucalyptus right?

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