February 28, 2017

Low Cost Closet Storage Shelves

Storage and closet space is a premium in any house, especially in our 50's house. Even though there is a closet in every room, they only had one rod PER closet. It seemed like a waste of space so we did a quick fix when we moved in and put two rows of basic dowel rods with a board on top. Auston uses the closet in our bedroom and I use the guest room's closet since obviously we have no room to share one - and we don't have many guests since our families live in the same town. The two rods are great, but I had intentionally cut my bottom one short so that my dresses could have room to hang. The dresser in my room was filled with t-shirts, workout clothes, and pjs, but I still needed somewhere to store my sweaters and some shoes - enter my first mini construction project.

February 21, 2017

5-Step Modern Farmhouse Wall Hooks

Has anyone else gotten the cold/flu that's been going around? Well this girl, who never gets sick, did. And it is anything but blog writing conducive. But nevertheless, I am on the mend and wanted to share this quick 20 minute project that helped make our room more functional.

I love robes. They're easy to slip on in the mornings or after I take a shower. Since we moved in October (wow, has it really been 4 months already?!), I have been keeping our robes on thumbtacks I stick in the wall. Literal thumb. tacks. They worked great for a while, but I was getting tired of them being difficult to hang things on, oh yeah and they're super ugly. I've been keeping my eye open for pretty hooks, but kept could never make up my mind. I decided to run to the Home Depot to see if they had any, and who would have thunk it, they had the perfect ones. They're a little less modern and more farmhouse than I thought they would turn out, but they still make life better. The project took 20 minutes and only cost $15 - worth it.

February 9, 2017

DIY Amber Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash Bottles

Do you hate all the different colored bottles in your shower? I mean let's be serious, who actually likes all those weird colors and logos lining your tub or shower? If you do, I'm glad you do! But if you're like me, all those bottles get on your nerves. It feels like the least pretty way to keep your shampoos and body wash. On a podcast a while ago, I heard that the first thing Nate Berkus does when he gets new shampoo or conditioner is tear off the labels. I thought - that could solve my problem! But with my luck, the bottles I buy have the labels printed right on to the plastic... Meaning there was no taking them off.

Then I came across this post by on of my favorite bloggers, Almost Makes Perfect. I was like YES! You answer all my minimalistic style needs Molly! So I got all the materials and did the shampoo bottle diy. So here's a quick tutorial on how I did it - it only took $10, 30 mins, and minimal effort. I did 3 bottles for me, and 3 bottles for Auston. The actual bottles are SUPER cheap, like ¢70 a piece! Quick note: make sure the letters you get are vinyl so that they're waterproof!

February 7, 2017

More Plans for the Kitchen Cabinets

I know you're probably thinking - where the heck has she been? Life just gets busy sometimes friends, especially when you have a full time job (where I am currently going through certifications), a part time job, other side jobs, and then a blog. Which one is my favorite to spend time on? Absolutely this blog. Often times I daydream about it becoming my full time job, a girl can dream right. But anyways, on to more fun things!

Since we installed the one half of our kitchen cabinets, there is this gaping hole between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. If it were the 70's, we would just stick a filler up there like a soffit, but I just can't make myself cover up perfectly good storage space. So my solution is to build a custom shelves. The only big decision I need to make is the storage above the stove area - the wine bottle shelves. I snapped a quick picture of the space and overlayed it with some outlines. So far, I've narrowed it down to either a criss-cross or straight layout. I found some inspiration pictures that helped me visualize it.

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