September 27, 2017

$100 Room Challenge Week 4 | Carport Reveal

Let me start out by saying, this is my second time participating in the $100 Room Challenge. I also participated in the One Room Challenge last season where we remodeled our laundry room. And while that challenge was a little bit easier in the sense there was no budget, we had to build a space from studs so it was a lot of work. But despite those things, if I had to compare both challenges, the $100 Room Challenge wins hands down for a small community of bloggers who support each other in their work/goals. I didn't feel the love from the ORC like I do from the $100RC. So a big thank you to Erin for creating such an incredible environment, it's truly what this whole thing is about. *end small rant*

Now welcome to the carport reveal! I'll keep it short since I know we're all here for the pictures. In 4 weeks and with $100, we turned our dingey, unattractive carport into a semi pretty, useful place to park the car. Catch up on the previous weeks below to see how I built the planter and installed the can light.

Week 1 | The Carport Before & Plans
Week 2 | A Modern Exterior Light
Week 3 | $10 Planter with Herb Garden

The before's aren't the worst, but I'm much happier with how it is now.

September 20, 2017

$100 Room Challenge Week 3 | $10 Planter with Herb Garden

Going into this 4 week project I had a rough idea of how I wanted this space to look, but I really had no idea about any of the details. Oh yeah did I mention I'm out of town almost this whole week for a work conference? Didn't think that one through. Anyways, the most perplexing little 4sq. ft. of grass/dirt/weeds was too big to have just an oversized planter but too small to put a mini garden. I came across this tapered wooden planter and knew I could recreate s bigger version. Either a tree or a bush or something would go in there. The actual planter itself only ended up costing me $10.

Week 1 | The Carport Before and Plans
Week 2 | A Modern Exterior Light

September 13, 2017

$100 Room Challenge Week 2 | Modern Exterior Light

Welcome to the second week of the $100 Room Challenge. You can see all of the carport befores in the Week 1 post. This week I had planned on making the big wooden planter to go in the grassy island, but I got as far as buying the materials before hurricane Irma hit our town. Thankfully we only caught the tail end of it when it was a tropical storm, and we didn't have any major damage. But that did eat up my whole weekend and the power being out got the first two days of the week. So this week, I'll share the one small update we did get to: replacing the old mason jar exterior light with a cheap, modern can light.

September 5, 2017

$100 Room Challenge Week 1 | The Carport Befores & Plan

This year is rolling on by, it's September and Christmas is right around the corner. In July, we participated in the $100 Room Challenge where we renovated the master half bath. And we got so much love from it that we decided to participate in another season! If you haven't heard, Erin from Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry started this challenge as a way to encourage people to improve their rooms, even if it's only a little at a time. We post every Wednesday in September and do the big reveal on the last week. You can read more about how she started this challenge on her blog and keep up with it on social media with #100RoomChallenge.

So what room are you renovating this time? Well, I debated HARD on that question. The full bathroom really needed a paint job and some storage options, and it would probably get more clicks than the second option - the carport. But at the end of the day, I want to pick what would make the biggest impact in our home and that means picking the carport. 

There is room for one car underneath the original house roof, but when we bought the house it came with a nice, big metal carport, leaving us with 2 nicely covered spots. As you pull up to those spots though, now that's a different and much uglier story.

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