November 30, 2014

Holiday Dresses

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I am in full Christmas mode! And that means searching for dresses for those holiday parties. Obviously, I go towards gold and sparkly dresses. For some reason I think that's what holiday dresses should look like. So here is some that I have come across in my shopping... The top three are my absolute favorite and I want them all because I can't decide. But be quick! Some of these sell out in a heart beat - check back though, they will most likely restock them.

      Top Row: 123
 Middle Row: 123
Bottom Row: 123

November 27, 2014

Gobble Gobble...

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a great day. Thanksgiving is a time to be with your loved ones and to be thankful for all that you have. I am most thankful for my family, for without them I wouldn't be the person I am today and I wouldn't have the faith in Christ that I do. I encourage you all to think about the things you are thankful for and even write them out. There is something so humbling about seeing everything that you are blessed with, and we all have at least one thing to be thankful for. 

On to my outfit! I wore this to my grandparent's house where me and all of my family got together and had a huge meal. I'm pretty much eating all the time, so this has never really a day for me where I completely stuff myself and feel awful. But, the food was awesome to say the least. And I get to take it home with me to school, yayy! (every college kids dream). I chose to go the more comfortable route when picking an outfit for today. Originally, I had an awesome dress and heels picked out, but when I woke up I just really wasn't feeling it. So, I fell back on this awesome cardigan that I got at Old Navy for 50% off - $15. 

These pictures were taken at my grandparent's house, down by their barn. You'll see their  adorable but old dog (Pookie) photobombing some of the pictures! I also got some with my horses! (P.S. It may look warm because of the sun, but it was like swimming in a frozen lake. The wind was crazy.)

Shirt: Gap (Inverted) 12 • 3 | Jeans: Gap 12 | Cardigan: Old Navy| Booties: Nordstrom 123
Hat: Target 123 • 4 • 5 • 6 | Purse: DSW | Earrings: Target 12  | Nail Polish: Essie "Bahama Mama"

Shopping Tips (Black Friday + Cyber Monday)

1. Make a list.
I make lists for everything, so this is a no brainer for me. But I think some people find Black Friday and Cyber Monday so stressful because they are overwhelmed by the quantity of things on sale. By making a list you can organize the things you want and make it easier when searching for your sales. I keep a list in my purse that I continuously add to as I think of things - right now it's a fur vest, red cardigan, Frends headphones, and some polkadot tights. For the holidays, I write out the people I am going shop for, and then think of multiple things I could get them. Because this is the weekend where things sell out in a single minute, so I always have a plan B. This takes the stress of searching for things the day of and finding something you want only for it to be sold out.

2. Make a budget.
This is an obvious tip, but one that is often overlooked. With all these sales in stores and online, you can spend your entire pay check in a minute. Because your mindset is, "Well, this is on a huge sale so I need to get it today." But, there are sales all the time, so be smart about your money.

3. Research.
I do this continuously. I have a set of sites that I look on at least once a week to keep up with their inventory and sales. When you know what you want, checking multiple sites that sell it, and keeping an eye on them from Thanksgiving until the Wednesday after Cyber Monday. 

4. Check pre-sales and sales the day of.
These days, everyone is having "pre-Thanksgiving" sales. So make sure you start checking your sites today! Some of my favorite sales going on are:

C. Wonder: 40% off everything + free shipping

J. Crew: 30% off everything + 40% off sale 

J. Crew Factory: 50% off everything + free shipping

Loren Hope: 20% off everything

Tory Burch: Up to 30% off

Nordstrom: 40% off select styles

Shopbop: up to 25% off

Piperlime: 25% off

Kate Spade: up to 75% off

Saks 5th Ave: up to 60% off select styles

Saks Off 5th Ave: 50% off select styles

Sole Society: 30% off footwear

Kendra Scott: 15% off everything
Banana Republic: 50% off full priced item + 40% off site wide

Design Darling: 20% off everything


Lord & Taylor: 20% off almost everything

ModCloth: 50% off new arrivals

Bloomingdales: Up to 50% off + $25 off every $200 spent

Neiman Marcus: 50% off select items + 20% off already reduced items

Gap + Old Navy: 50% off everything

5. Shop early - but keep checking all day.
You got this one. Know what's on sale, but keep checking all day. Sometimes stores give certain sales at certain times, like Wal-Mart. I keep the sites I want to check open on my browser, and then about every hour I just hit refresh on the home page to see if new sales are up.

Have fun shopping & good luck! And as Ellen says, be kind to one another.

November 19, 2014

The Coldest Day Ever...

Atlanta has the weirdest and most unexpected weather in North America. At least in other parts of the country, you can expect their certain weather patterns, but no, not in Georgia. Last week it was 80º, and yesterday, it was a high of 28º. Yes, you read that right - 28 degrees above 0º.  So I have titled this post, "The Coldest Day Ever," because it was flipping cold when I opened the door at seven in the morning.

To start off with, this is my absolute favorite coat I have, and of course, it is from J.Crew. I got it two year ago for Christmas, for half off plus my student discount. So I/my parents got this coat for $100, when it retailed for over $300. I meant to take off my jacket and show you my newest shirt, but like I said, it was way to cold out (which is also why I didn't take many pictures). Buttt, I found this long sleeve stripped shirt at Gap on the clearance rack, with an extra 50% off, so it ended up being $9. Getting a $35 shirt for $9 made my day. I actually got another one of the same shirt only inverted - white with navy stripes - and they are amazing because they are long enough for my gangly arms. 

These earrings I found at Target marked down to $5.98 on the Clearance rack and I had an extra 40% off of that from my Cartwheel app - so I ended up getting these beauties for less than $3. (If you don't have Target's app, you seriously need to look into in because they offer extra discounts on all items, including groceries.) I paired my outfit with my "Robin Hood" boots. I call them that because, well, they look like boots that he would wear. And they have a slight wedge on them making them absolutely amazing. 

Pea Coat: J.Crew  1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 | Shirt: Gap (Inverted) 12| Jeans: Gap 12
Boots: Nordstrom 123 | Earrings: Target | Nailpolish: Essie "Bahama Mama"

November 12, 2014

Gift Guide (Women's Watches)

So, since Christmas is around the corner, and as I am struggling with what to get some people, I decided that I may not be the only one with this problem - so I am starting a "Gift Guide" series to help you get some ideas for what to get for those "hard to buy for" people! So stay tuned for some more ideas!

Who couldn't use some more watches? I sure could. And these are watches that will last and give the wearer a great gift to have throughout the years. Basically, this is my dream watch collection. I want them all. Especiallyyy the black Michael Kors. And the gold Kate Spade. And the black Armani. Yup, just give me them all and we'll be good.

Row 1: 1234
Row 2: 1234
Row 3: 1234
Row 4: 1234

November 9, 2014

Thanksgiving Fonts

As you may know, I don't have my camera at the moment, so the next 2 weeks are going to be filled with "creative" non-outfit posts. Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I thought I would do a post on some seriously awesome fonts that you can add to your computer's library. For you graphic design lovers like me, you'll love this. I've found two more sites that have free, downloadable fonts, and there is like 50,000 different ones on every site - so I figured I'd round up my favorite ones for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Some may ask, why do I need to add more fonts to my library? Well, because typography is awesome! If you have Adobe Illustrator like me, then you'll know the struggle and frustration of not having the particular font you want. Having different types of fonts opens up your creative process and is super helpful when you make invitations to all of your fun Thanksgiving parties! Pleaseee email me or comment in the section below if you have any questions or need help installing your awesome new fonts! 

**Note: I would caution you to make sure you download fonts from websites with high "Downloaded" numbers!

• How to install dowloaded fonts on PC:
     - Windows 8

• How to install downloaded fonts on Mac:

If you are downloading fonts on your Mac, this process is pretty easy. The easiest way to do it is by using the application "Font Book." 
(If at the end you can still not follow these instructions, see this video.)

1.) Open "Font Book" in your Application folder.

2.) Click the "+" on the top of the tool bar.

3.) Find the dowloaded font (I sent mine straight to my desktop so I could find them easily) and select 
the folder or ".ttf" file --> Then click "Open."

4.) Next, because you downloaded it from the internet, it is going to tell you that "problems have been found 
during validation." This is OKAY.  Just click "Select all fonts" and then click "Install Checked."

November 7, 2014

Instagram Life...

Since my camera was left in another town, I figured it was time for another Instagram update (@elizabeth_carole).

These beautiful dishes and bee glasses I found at World Market. If I was closer to owning a home, I would have bought them. But being a college student, I just had to dream. Dinnerware | Drinkware

For a few days there, Atlanta had a couple of cold days where I could pull out my flannel and chunky scarf. But the beautiful cold weather didn't last long.  Flannel: Quicksilver 1 • 2 • 3  | Jeggings: Gap 12 | Shoes: Sperry | Bracelet: Benevolent Jewels | Purse: Steve Madden 123 | Scarf: Nordstrom 1 • 2

So... I jumped on this band wagon, and haven't looked back.
Double Pear Earrings: Target 1 • 2 • 3

Fun Note - if you're a Women's 7, try out Kid's sizes. I found these on Clearance at Target and they were a Kid's size 6 and to my surprise - they fit. And of course I bought them because they will be great for next spring and hey, they were only $4. So my shoe world just opened up.  Dress: Gap 1 • 23 | Leather Jacket: Nordstrom 123| Bracelet : MMM |Shoes: Target | Purse: Target 12

My DIY-ed burlap wreath for Halloween! (P.S. These make great gifts! And I will be posting a tutorial on how to make your own soon!)

See my post on this outfit! It's super cozy and my go-to outfit for the fall.

See my post on this outfit! (Jake's posing for his Insta debut)

Krispy Kreme's Halloween doughnuts as I was headed to my brother's soccer game... They were so delicious.

My wonderful family (minus my big sister). 

I took this picture right before I found out that Oscar de la Renta had passed away. We lost a legend.(Steve Madden heels)

Fun fact about me: I love football and colored jeans. 
Jeans: Eddie Bauer 1 • 2 | Chambray: Gap 1 • 2 • 3 | Leopard Scarf: Target 1 • 2 • 3| Loafers: Gap 1 • 2 • 3 • 4

 I wear this scarf at least two times a week. And that's being on the minimum side. 
Scarf: Target 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 (Original Zara Scarf)

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