May 10, 2018

One Room Challenge | Week 6: Modern Guest Room Reveal

Phew! That's how I feel after 6 weeks of procrastination and spring through the last 7 days. The One Room Challenge has come to an end for the guest room makeover. As per the norm, I've gotten sick this past week and had the busiest week at work that I'll have all year. BUT we got it done and Auston can barely peel me out of this space.  If this is your first time here, you can check the past 5 weeks posts below (Week 1 is really the best).

Week 1: Guest Bedroom Befores
Week 2: The Mood Boards and Plans
Week 3: Making A Hard Wired Sconce into a Plug In
Week 4: Painted Ceiling Fan
Week 5: Vertical Board & Batten

May 2, 2018

One Room Challenge | Week 5: Vertical Board & Batten

Reveals out the wazoo this month! Between last week's closet reveal, this week's playroom reveal, and next week's One Room Challenge reveal, I am going to be having some celebratory drinks after it's all over. It's week 5 and crunch time! Everyone is wrapping up their spaces and per my M.O. I still have large chunks to complete and shopping to do.

You can visit all the One Room Challenge guest room posts below. This space has already come so far and this next week is going to be fun.

Week 1: The Befores
Week 2: Mood Board & Plans
Week 3: Making a Hard Wired Sconce into a Plug In
Week 4: Painted Ceiling Fan

May 1, 2018

Low-Budget Kids Playroom Makeover

Last week we revealed the closet makeover we tackled in 24 hours, and you guys were so encouraging. It was our first spring makeover and our first time renovating someone else's space. I started planning the space #2 for our Spring Makeovers as soon as I saw the before picture back in February! This kid's playroom was just begging to be transformed into a space for this baby girl where she could grow and foster her imagination. It also gave me an excuse to play with using colors, since I tend to be drawn more towards neutrals. Although, I still chose white walls as the perfect canvas to display toys, books, and can grow with her. With a $150 budget goal, we started to get to work!

April 30, 2018

New Farm Table for the Dining Room

We hardly eat at our dining room table. We're either on different lunch hours or just plop in front of the tv for dinner to watch the Office. Partly because it's just us two, but mostly because the table is usually covered with stuff. And since it is so small, it doesn't take much to  cover it up! But this weekend, we moved in a big, beautiful farm table.

April 25, 2018

One Room Challenge | Week 4: Painted Ceiling Fan

Yesterday we revealed our Spring Makeover space #2 we completed this weekend, and needless to say that's where all our time went this weekend. So it'll be a super short post today guys, but you know how it goes! We've had this fan base sitting on the guest room ceiling since we moved in with no blades and terrible brass colors. Week 4 of the One Room Challenge gave me the motivation I needed to finally take it down and paint everything.

Small Closet Gets A 24 Hour Makeover For Less Than $700

Back in February, we polled our readers for spaces to makeover during the spring. It was our first time renovating someone else's space, so we took our time picking two we knew could be tackle by ourselves and within the spring timeline. This small closet rose to the top with weird/small dimensions but incredibly important function that obviously not being used in the best way. And the best part... we completed it in under 24 hours! (not counting sleeping hours)

April 18, 2018

One Room Challenge | Week 3: Making a Hard Wired Sconce into a Plug-In

Everyone participating in the One Room Challenge during week 3 starts to paint, install, construct their rooms, whereas I always drag my feet. I have tons of ideas and are usually hesitant to start something that will completely change the room - thus, my last minute decision on doing board and batten on my Stories. So in lieu of a super room transforming post (hopefully that'll be next week), I rewired this swing arm sconce I bought last year. Living in a house built in the 60's has is advantages, but good wiring is not one of them. Instead of messing with hardwiring this guy to the wall, I decided to turn it into a plug-in with an in line switch. By not hard wiring guests won't have to get out of bed to turn the light off, the switch will be right next to them. Now let's show you how I did it!

Week 1: The Befores
Week 2: The Mood Board & Plans

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