February 3, 2022

We're Moving!! (Just Across Town...)

 If you would have told me that we would buy a house, sell our current house, and move within a month with a two month old and 21 month old I would have said you were crazy. But here we are, closed on a new house and listing our old house. It's just across town but it's double the size and has a huge open downstairs. It was built in 2000 so I won't have to worry about old house problems.

I have so many plans for this new house but it is already 100 times better than where we started with our last house. The only thing we'll do before we move in is paint the walls and change some faucets out.

March 1, 2021

Refreshing Our Mid-Century Modern Minimal Bedroom with AllModern

 This post is sponsored by AllModern.

Our bedroom is officially refreshed! I partnered with AllModern to give our bedroom a clean and modern refresh just in time for the spring weather that is starting to roll in, and dare I say, it's even better than my first go at this room! I still wanted to keep the mid-century modern style but bring it more on the neutral side of things.

February 22, 2021

Minimal and Modern Primary Bedroom Refresh Mood Board

 Three years ago I tackled our bedroom during the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge. It turned out amazing and we have loved spending our time in here. Since then my style has changed, we've added another person to our family, and I'm really feeling the need to give it a refresh.

My main focus area is to change up the bedside lighting. I'm drawn to a pendant on each side to give the space some visual weight, and I'm really loving exposed cords lately so I'm thinking to swag them. These are some inspiration photos I found on Pinterest.

I'm trying to work with the big furniture we already have but making a few impactful changes like new pendants, new sheets, new rug, and some DIY art. When I did the first refresh I stepped out of my comfort zone and got a super colorful rug. It is very pretty but I've discovered I feel most peaceful when things are neutral.

This is going to be a quick but impactful refresh. I've already got the pendants and bedding, so be sure to follow along on my stories to see the behind the scenes.


AllModern is my go-to place to find modern pieces that don't break the bank. Here are some of my favorites that I saved to my favorites list as I searched for things for this refresh.

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February 2, 2021

$100 Room Challenge | Week 4: Kid's Playroom Reveal

 Whew I'm flying in at the last second with this challenge! I have about 2 more hours left before it is officially over but I can finally say the playroom is finished! $100 and every second of one month and we have a completely transformed used-to-be bedroom.

January 20, 2021

$100 Room Challenge | Week 2 & 3: Painting a Wall Mural

Week 2 was a total bust for me, ergo why there was no post. My plan was to tell you all about the wall mural I decided to do and have a little progress on starting it, but none of that happened. Week 3 however was very productive! 

Btw if you missed the befores (you didn't miss much) you can check out Week 1's post or if you don't know what the $100 Room Challenge is you can check out Erin's blog.

January 9, 2021

$100 Room Challenge | Week 1: Turning The Guest Room Into A Playroom

Every year I'm surprised when January rolls around and it's time for another $100 Room Challenge. This is my 9th (I definitely had to count that twice) round and each time I love stretching my creative juices and meeting new people in a short 4 weeks. Baby Jones is going to be 1 in April, I don't know where the time went, and he is itching to start getting around on his own. I moved some of his play things into our spare bedroom, but I think it's time to turn it into a formal playroom! 

October 6, 2020

A Big Exterior Update! Painting Our Eaves and Windows Black

Since we moved in this house 4 years ago one big thing on my to-do list is repaint the eaves. Last year we replaced the grey roof with this beautiful black one I started thinking about tackling the eaves. I got stalled with choosing a color and then it was too cold out and then I was too pregnant. Fast forward to July and I finally started gathering my energy to start this project!

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