February 12, 2018

We Found a Space(s)! Where Our Spring Makeovers Are Taking Us

First of all, thank all of you who sent us your spaces and stories behind them! We haven't been doing this long and don't claim to be experts, but our hearts were warmed when so many of our readers welcomed us into your home and trusted us. I honestly was not expecting anyone to actually be interested, but when the first one rolled in I teared up haha! Then the next one came in and my jaw just hit the floor every time! In fact there were so many, I narrowed it down to two we could accomplish over the next few months.

There was not one space that I saw that didn't have a ton of potential. Some already had some renovations, some had not been touched, and some just needed some TLC. In fact, we had such a variety of spaces we couldn't narrow it down to just one... so we picked TWO spaces!

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