August 26, 2016

Fortune Cookie Friday 005

Did you guys see our refinished harwood floors? They look better than we were expecting them to. This week we are putting the top coat on the kitchen cabinets and it feels like it is taking forever and a day with so many coats. This weekend we'll put the quarter-round down and hopefully start moving stuff in next week!

It was a struggle to find a brass kitchen faucet that wasn't $150-$200. So we settled for this Pfister High Arc one  in the Stainless Steel. At first I was really disappointed becuase it didn't align with the vision I had, but after reading this how to mix metals article, I feel like we can make it work. I also didn't realize that it has three spout settings, kind of like a shower, where it can be a full stream, power spray and eco rinse, so I'm actually kind of excited. The high arc was a big factor because the current sink has a short one that only hangs a few inches over the bowl, making it hard to wash dishes (which you really need when you don't have a dish washer). Here's a great example of a kitchen with mixed finishes that encompasses our brass hardware and silver faucet situation.

Is anyone looking for kitchen renovation inspiration? The Makerista gives me hope for bad kitchens in her Kitchen Reveal post. It's a mix of modern and French, and she definitely hit it out of the park. Her kitchen is just one example of how colored molding can actually make a space feel more expensive than just a white. Even though her cabinets are tall, they don't reach the ceiling and the thick trim bridges the gap to make everything seem custom built.

If you're looking for places to buy modern lighting online, Emily Henderson has rounded up 37 online lighting sources to satisfy your needs.

I'm pretty sure everyone out there hates watered down whiskey. Auston prefers a good whiskey in his old age (haha) and so I found this awesome Whiskey Wedge. It makes an ice wedge in the glass that cools down the drink instead of watering it down. Good gift for the guys?

Pining for an Amazon Tap to play my music on. Spotify is the best and it would be great to tote around the house because I love to listen to music everywhereee. It gives me the energy to do stuff you know?

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