August 5, 2016

Fortune Cookie Friday 002

Did anyone not see the new addition to Instagram?? They added a piece called Stories, where you can post a video or picture and it will go away in 24 hours. The premise is exactly like Snapchat, minus the filters. I'm sure they will add them soon because everyone is calling for them. And I mean, who wouldn't use Insta over Snapchat when you can have everything in one place? The answer is, probably everyone who is already hooked on Snapchat.  P.s. I've never gotten into Snapchat, but I've posted a few stories on Instagram of a peak of us painting the kitchen cabinets! I'm @jonesvilleblog over there. We have finally painted the first coat on the cabinets!! They look awesome and I can't wait to show you guys!

Anyone besides me just love fortune cookies? If so, here is a homemade fortune cookie recipe that I have been dying to have the guts to try. The Semi Sweet Sisters put out some great recipes so make sure to check them out. (Picture is from them.) Then you can put them in this crazy awesome "bowl." We got 2 of them, I couldn't resist. 

Currently looking for alternatives to this amazing pendant, since I don't feel like spending that much money at the moment. So far I've come up with this one from Lowes.

I drive an hour to work everyday and recently I have been looking for podcasts to fill my time. One of my favorite blogging couple, ChrisLovesJulia, started their own podcast in May called "The Chris Loves Julia Poscast w/ Preston Pugmire". They out a new one out each week and are incredibly adorable, so go check them out if your a Podcadt listener.  Needless to say I subscribed and am now hooked on Podcasts. World of Warcraft: Tomb of Sargeras anyone?

The cutest USB of all time. And it's a 32G which is a plus. If you don't regularly back up your computer and files on a nonelectronic machine, here's a great 1TB external hard drive. It is a good habit to get into even if you don't have "top secret" information on there. Sometimes you don't realize how important or meaningful a file is until you don't have it anymore.

Need a house warming gift for someone? These Herbivore soaps make a great gift and also smell amazing. They're beautifully packaged and come in masculine and feminine colors. I need to grab some before the go out of stock like these Herbivore bath salts.

you guys how they turn out. 

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