July 28, 2016

Fortune Cookie Friday 001

Fortune Cookie Friday is a series of posts published every Friday of things I'm loving, stuff that inspires me, music I'm listening to. Really just random stuff. Why call it  "Fortune Cookie Friday" you ask? Well, you never know what's gonna be on that piece of paper inside that delicious crumpet of sugary cardboard do you... Or it could be that it is the only thing on my desk that started with an F, but whatever the first reason sounds better. P.s. Any extra fortune cookies, send them to me. I will devour them.  So expect the randomness to be random except that it will be consistently posted on Friday (haha). 

The house is coming along slowly but surely. We have pulled up all the carpet and started cleaning the hardwood floors. I am painting the trim and doing some touchups. Just have to finish the baseboards and go over the top trim in the living room again. Than all that's left is to paint the cabinets and put in the other side of the counter top on the other side of the kitchen. So let's say a month before we get in there? That's optimistic with our busy schedules, but guys, it. is. so worth it. We have already seen a huge change in the house and we can't wait to get in there and fix it up bit by bit.

This laundry room is serving as major inspiration right now. Wallpaper may be expensive, but it can totally transform a small space. Future dreams of the outdoor utility room maybe?

I just ordered these Large Working Glasses from Crate&Barrel. I can't wait to use them in our new house along with this set of Lids and Straws that goes with them. There are 3 sizes for the glasses, I will probably end up getting a set of 4 of both the Tall and Short Working Glasses.

One of my  new favorite blogs to follow: Hej Doll. Jessica has great content and a dreamy minimalist wardrobe that I go crazy with on Pinterest.

Found these AWESOME frames that are big enough to fit both of our diplomas on the wall in the office. At first, I thought displaying them would be tacky, but as I thought more about it, I realized I shouldn't diminish our accomplishments. We both worked hard to get through college and I don't ever want our kids to think what they've achieved isn't worth anything, even if a degree has become a check box.

Need an upscale basket for a low scale budget? I've got one right here for you.

If you have anything stainless steel, or anything that gets fingerprints, you realize how hard it is to clean without leaving streaks. With these utility cloths it makes the job painless. And who doesn't want a fingerprintless fridge, am I right?

These Glass Mixing Bowls are the perfect gift for newly weds. We got a set from the wedding, and they are sturdy and come in 10 different sizes. It's $40 that will go a longer way than a $40 gift certificate to a restaurant.

JUST ordered this pillow because it got a price cut of 75%! I wasn't about to pay $80 for a pillow cover, but I can handle doing $20. Even though my palette for color is almost gone and I want a neutral house, throwing in the greenery of house plants, the browness of natural wood, and a colorful boho throw and pillow is a definite yes.

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