August 19, 2016

Fortune Cookie Friday 004

This week has been a slow but big week. We haven't been able to do any work on the house ourselves  (ergo, no progress posts) because the floor guys came to refinish our hardwoods! And you guys, they look so good already. After they stained it, they put the first top coat on the next day, and now are doing the second coat. I posted a sneak peak on my IstaStory the other day.

Just bought this sink for the kitchen on sale for $73 at Home Depot. We toyed with the idea of leaving the sink in that came with the house, but after putting some miles on it for a few weeks we decided just to go ahead and grab a new one. Sinks can get dang expensive if you're not careful, but we just couldn't do a stainless so we decided on an acrylic.

This bathroom is giving me all the inspiration (and impatience) for when we start renovating our full bathroom. It's hard to stick to one project when I have all these ideas and visions in my head, but I know I need to focus on one room at a time, for the room and our wallets sake. Or even just moving into the house would be a great step haha.

Some of my favorite home bloggers, Chris Loves Julia and Yellow Brick Home, started a series called "A Night In" where they share how their homes look at night time. They make a great point about how home bloggers always photograph their spaces in the light where everything looks perfect. But these guys are looking to shatter the notion that their lives are perfect by taking pictures without daylight, which I mean, they still look amazing without the light, but it's still a great series...

UGA just started fall semester and it is chaos. Thankfully in a couple of weeks the people will die down, partly because it will be colder and partly because people will stop going to class haha. But for you guys that are going back to school, here are some really cool backpacks. Even though I'm done with school (for now), I still have this weird love of them.

Anyone other than me trying to get used to the new Pinterest? It's very mobile like and is kind of weird on a computer.

My god-daughter is turning ONE in a few weeks and we are throwing her a "Wild One" party where everything is tribal and adorable. It's hard to believe it's already been a year and she is already taking steps. Her mom (my best friend) and I are going through ideas of how we want to decorate and this pretty picture from Sweet Paper Shop is serving as some major inspiration for me. Who cares if it's really trendy, it's really cute.

In case someone has a weird obsession with mugs like I do, here are 15 Disney mugs that will make your day. Chip from Beauty and The Beast is particularly adorable.

P.S. Our wedding pictures finally came back! So be on the look out in the coming days, they look awesome.

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