August 12, 2016

Fortune Cookie Friday 003

Our kitchen has come to a standstill for a minute. We painted all of the cabinets with the colors and picked up the top coat at Home Depot a few days ago. It turns out that you don't want to finish white cabinets with Polyurathane because it will turn them yellow. Now we have to paint them again and then seal them again, hopefully with something clearer. The floor guy is coming next week to refinish the hardwoods and the kitchen vinyl guy will come whenever we finish repainting the cabinets. On a more exciting note, we got all of the hardware and the pendant light in! The hardware isn't as "brass-y" as I would like them to look, but they will do for a small budget. The pendant light looks like it's going to be awesome, we won't hang it until we're done painting. Enough about the house, let's get to some Fortune Cookie stuff.

When my interests shifted from fashion to more home decor/DIY, I started following different bloggers. Some blogs that I'm loving now: The Design Confidential, The Makerista, Hej Doll, Sarah Sherman Samuel, Becki Owens, H2 Design and Build, Happily Grey, and Wit and Delight. I tend to sway to the blogs/Instagrams that have a modern feel, but I also follow people who have really great DIY sites.

These black lamps that Mandi styled as wall lamps in this post are just everything. It's projects like these that give me hope that renovating a home can really be done on a budget while still getting the results that you want. It also helps me think out of the box when it comes to styling other pieces that you might only do one way. DIY giant macrame rope lights? Yes please. Mandi at Vintage Revivals has such a cute selection of DIY crafts, so make sure to take a look around.

This print. I just discovered Visual Pixie's Etsy store, and I want everything she has. The best part is that this print is only $8. It is actually a digital download, but you can take it to somewhere like Kinkos and have them blow it up for only a few dollars. Way better than spending $50-$100 on a piece of big art. Some other prints of hers I'm pining over are this one and this one. It is very important for us to not go to bed angry at each other, so having this on the wall would be a really great (and stylish) reminder. The personalized birthday would look perfect in a nursery. Word art is really making it's debut in homes because it give the room a voice that reinforces the mood. It also can just give you a little pick me up if you're having a bad day.

Any Scandal watchers in the house? Well I found the perfect Olivia Pope wine glasses and we already got 4 of them. I have been searching for the perfect tall glasses for a long time and when I found them at Crate&Barrel I immediately put them on our registry. They are tall and wide and beautiful.P.S. Registries are awesome. Everyone should make a registry for themselves because it is essentially a wish list that anyone can go to to get you a present. And who doesn't want a present that they have been eyeing, you know what I mean? I keep updating ours from the wedding if anyone needs any ideas *cough cough* ;) .

Fall is right around the corner, crazy I know. But if you don't have a pair of good rain boots, these Hunters are the best in the business. I got some red ones last Christmas and am looking to grab some black ones as soon as I can. Rain boots are a great staple for the moody weather that has been  happening lately because you can wear them with shorts without looking (completely) ridiculous. Easy to throw on and easy to take off.

Everything about this (Pinterest) picture is just a big yes. I can't wait till it's colder and it's time to break out the layering love. Here are some pieces that I am keeping my eye on: military jacket, utility jacket, cape blazer, longline blazer, black denim jacket, and this tweed coat.  It's also nice to have friends that encourage you stylishly, be it fashion or home decor. I am keeping my eye out for these toe cap adidas to go on sale so I can grab some.

Personalized decor is such a great personal touch to a home. The other day I found this Atlanta poster and these Atlanta coasters at Target. They are cute and functional; the perfect combo. The coasters make a great gift, I got a few for some weddings that we had over the spring/fall.

Ever have cool poster art but don't know how to make it not look so cheap? Here's a DIY Wood Frames for Large Art that you can do to spruce up your space. I have recently come across Young House Love and have started following along with their home renovation story. They also just came out with a podcast called "Young House Love has a Podcast" that I listen to every week on my way to work.

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