August 10, 2016

Sketches: Kitchen and Living Room

Once we painted the inside walls, the house was just an empty shell with abnormally (but awesome) large rooms. For a second I started to feel the anxiety set in as I thought of all the possibilities of decor and furniture. It seems that having an idea of a space is harder to put on paper than you would think. Planning is one of the most difficult parts in a project for me. I have so many ideas and thoughts about how I want the space to feel, but I the problem is I have so many choices! There's a million paint colors, a million side tables, a million pillows, and a million 'n one pieces of art to put on the wall. So, as I tried to figure out how to get my ideas into see-able form, my first instinct was to just save pins of pictures that had aspects that I wanted. That was a good start, but I still could not see how everything would work together in the rooms.

I finally came across the Houzz App while listening to a podcast. It has a feature where  you can upload a photo and the sketch on it. Among other things  like text and a pen feature, you can search for products and add them to your sketch. Houzz is great because it saves all of the products that you have inserted, and once you save the sketch and go back to the picture, it tags all of the products in the room. Now, these are ROUGH sketches, very rough. Almost so rough that they are a little embarrassing to share. But by doing these sketches, we were able to hone in our ideas. We decided that we like black fans better than the white. They also were a big help in deciding what colors to paint the cabinets. You get the point, just try different ways to envision your space so that you know what you want will actually work well together. How else do you envision your ideas other than in your head?

This cow print is just so cute right?! And I love that fiddle leaf fig. I wasn't so sure about the overarching lamp, but seeing it in the space solidifies my thoughts: love. I'm always on the look out for a similar moroccan rug. We have a similar grey love seat and hopefully soon a matching sofa. I'm thinking maybe we can DIY those wooden nesting tables soon maybe?

The kitchen sketch is way worse than the living room, but it was so hard to to put a million little tiles with a counter top that wasn't the same color as the one you're going to have. The first picture does not have the door wall tiled, but we have been toying with the idea of tiling the backsplash and the entire adjacent wall for more of a cohesive look. On the look out for a cheap but pretty Persian rug to bring some color to the room.

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