July 15, 2016

Our First House

It's so weird to say that we have a house. Partly because we're not living there, and partly because it doesn't seem like we're old enough to own a home. But nonetheless, we are stoked. When we first looked at this place, it was about an hour before my bridal shower (so I had about 5 minutes to do this thing). The first thing I noticed was that I liked the brick color. So many homes built at the same time had the red, multicolored, or green look that I don't like, but this one was a nice brown. The yard was in terrible shape but it had potential. So first thing you notice when you walk in; it's a smoker house. I have been in houses that have been flipped from previous smokers and they smelled fine, but at that moment it seemed like that smell would never come out. The backyard had probably not be cleaned or raked since the 80's. It has two big sheds, one of which we will probably keep. The back porch, if you can call it a porch, is in pretty bad shape but also has potential. The utility closet with the washer and dryer is outside in the carport, something typical of homes built in this era. It might seem weird, but I have heard good things about your W/D not being in the house so I'm looking forward to seeing what I think about having it out there.

We walk in and it was one of the dirtiest houses I have ever been in. All the walls, floors, and even air was sticky. I'm pretty sure the previous tenants had never heard of Clorox wipes or even a vacuum. As you will see there is a nice pea green carpet everywhere. Luckily. there is old hardwoods underneath that we can most likely use (it is already in the 2nd bedroom). The kitchen has a laminate in it that we will most likely just lay over again. The full bathroom is probably the coolest room in the house because of the incredible tile. I'm not so hot on the black tiles on the wall, but I am considering taking the floor ones with me when I leave.

This house needs a lot of love. But we are willing to put the time in to make it a cozy place to spend our days. We are excited about getting everything torn out and painted so we can move into it ASAP and start on our reno projects.

Auston's most excited about: "The Living Room. Spending lazy Sunday's with my wife watching Netflix in a cozy living room. Yup."

Elizabeth's most excited about: "The kitchen/breakfast room. I have a vision of a clean and modern kitchen that is still home-y enough to want to be in all the time. I'm super excited about the dishes we got for our wedding and displaying them somewhere. Having the breakfast room be a part of the kitchen gives guests the opportunity to visit with the cook and I can see that room being a focal hang out point in our house."

Backyard & Porch (barely):

Utility Closet (washer + dryer) in carport, leads into kitchen:

Kitchen (with only half of a side) & Breakfast Room:

Living Room:

Master Bedroom:

Master Half Bath:

2nd Bedroom:

Hallway in the middle of the house:

3rd Bedroom (with a door to the porch):

Full Bathroom:

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