April 18, 2017

Getting Rid of the Ugly Attic String with a 10 Minute DIY

Week 3 of the One Room Challenge has me whipped! I took a break from the heavy remodeling and did a quick DIY that's been bugging me lately to satisfy that instant gratification need. We have an attic and just like everyone else that has one, the only way to open it is with this ugly and gross looking nylon string. I have never liked looking at them for obvious reasons and because we are both so tall, we almost hit it when we walk by! So I stopped by Home Depot and grabbed the supplies I needed for about $6.


Screw Eye
Utility Hook (I could only find a link to the 10pck. but I got the 2pck.)
Wooden Dowel Rod (Whatever length you want, I chose the 48" length and 3/4"diameter, it's easiest to decide in store!)


1. Remove string and screw in Screw Eye. Tip: if it gets hard to turn, stick a screwdriver in it and turn to create leverage!

2. Drill pilot hole in wooden dowel rod. Try to keep it as straight as possible! I used a 1/4" drill bit after some trial and error.

3. Screw in the Utility Hook. This didn't get as hard to screw in since the pilot hole was significantly bigger than the string hole.

There you have it! A quick 10 minute DIY that made me feel better and things look slightly less trashy. And isn't that what having a home's about right?!

It works perfectly and we store it in the closet beside it for easy access. No dangling strings or gross plastic pulls. Auston is the perfect model, after about 20 outtakes... haha. If you were feeling spunky you could also stain the dowel! Personally I liked the color of the unstained wood, but it could look awesome with a pretty stain on it. As always we love seeing your DIY projects so keep 'em coming! And come back on Thursday to see our One Room Challenge progress with the laundry room.

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