July 10, 2016

Things Change

You may have noticed the new changes to the blog. New name, new look, new post types. Over the past few months I have gone through many milestones; graduating college, starting my first big girl job, buying a house, getting married, dealing with my first family crisis, and both my dogs passed away. All this to say, my life has changed tremendously, including my style, design taste, and goals. This blog reflects all of things, so as those things change, so does the blog. These are some of the big things that have evolved:

1. My Style. When I started this blog, I was only beginning to discover my personal style. I liked preppy, colorful, and classic styles. Pineapples, patterns, lots of jewelry, and colorful shoes were my thing. I don't know what exactly happened, maybe it was the pressure I felt to have a huge closet or being tired of having a ton of options, but I found myself wanting a smaller closet with better quality pieces. Now, I am less drawn to colorful outfits and tend to want a neutral closet that has iconic pieces. Instead of a pink, I now will grab a light blush, instead of a yellow or green, I will go for a gray, black, or white. I want quality over quantity. I used to hate going into my closet and seeing so many clothes and yet feeling like I had nothing to wear. Now, I know I can grab my gray t-shirt and mix it with any of my jeans and any of my shoes. Having a closet that is so mixable is a quality that many girls overlook or under rate.

 Personal style is an incredibly hard thing to develop! It takes time, effort, and a lot of iterations. Many people wonder how I know exactly what I like (and what I don't like), and what they don't realize is that I put a lot of time pinning on Pinterest, following blogs, looking through Instagrams, and researching different styles. When it clicked that I wanted minimalist, modern, and monochromatic style I found people to follow that had the same style. Here are some examples of some people that I used to follow and who I keep up with now.

Bloggers I used to follow:
Bloggers I follow now:

2. My Design Taste. Something major that also has changed is my design taste. As you can see from the change of the blog, I went from colorful to monochromatic, from preppy to simple. Like I said, I used to want the white and navy and now I have evolved into a modern industrial style. I used to want the scalloped edges and now I would rather have clean shapes and lines. My taste for patterns has almost diminished, especially for the really girly flowers or preppy patterns. When I think about how I want my home to feel, I would have said in the past that I wanted fun, pretty, and colorful, but now I would say I want more of the clean, modern, and easy going home. Here are just a few of the home design blogs that I am currently following (I will add more as I find them).

Some favorite home bloggers:
Here are a few pictures that encompass what my home design taste has evolved into:


3. My Goals. Previously, my goals were for this blog to focus on fashion and post cute outfits. I saw where the bloggers I followed were and what they were doing, and I wanted to get there. It's not until recently I started thinking about where I wanted this blog to go and what I wanted it to be about. Before I was just focused on posting cute outfits that would hopefully inspire people (which I still aim to do), now I wish to concentrate on renovating our new home and sharing what we are doing in life! This is partly why I changed the most fundamental part of the blog; the name. Before, Jesus, J.Crew, & July was a fashion blog which reflected my style.  Jonesville is an appropriate name because it is based on my new last name; Jones! Me and Auston are a team now (yay!) and buying houses and fixing them up is something we hope to do more of in the future. I love the idea of putting some love into a house that not everyone would want to take the time to flip, and this blog hopefully will be a place where I can share those things.

So things are changing around here and we hope you stick along for the ride. Me and Auston are really excited about the potential that our new house has. We hope to share our success stories and without a doubt our fail stories. You guys are the best.

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