July 18, 2016

New Paint + No More Carpet

The past few weeks have been crazy! Prepping the walls takes more time than you plan, but it is so worth it. We decided to paint the whole house one color (minus the bathrooms). This was mostly because it is going to be  a rental in the future (hopefully) and we wanted a neutral color that could go with anything. We finally settled on Sherwin-Williams' "Repose gray." My other choice would be the shade darker than Repose; "Mindful Gray". I went with the lighter Repose because I thought it would look better in the kitchen and breakfast room. The whole house has windows but is still pretty dark, so I didn't want to go too dark.

Our new paint is just magical. It makes even the carpet seem cleaner (just a tiny bit). "Repose Gray" for the win. After I finally painted all of the trim in this room, we were finally ready to tear up the carpet in the living room to see if the hardwoods were salvageable. And oh did we hit the jackpot. The wood is almost perfect, only having a few spots that will sand off; meaning that we won't have to buy flooring for the whole entire house, just the kitchen. Having hardwoods is something that new buyers/renters like to see because it feels cleaner than carpet and takes less work to keep them that way. The wood makes the room feel bigger and lighter as it slowly transforms into our living room. And isn't that huge window amazing?

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