June 21, 2017

Bamboo Blinds in the Living Room

Hi guys, it's been a while. After our 6 week sprint to finish the Laundry Room, I was DIY-ED OUT. I had to take a break. I started a new job and made plans for what project we would take on next and then a few weeks went by - but hey, that's real life. The living room has been untouched since we moved in. We don't have a tv and haven't had guests yet so it has been a low priority. Thankfully my mom was making room in her basement for new blinds, so she sweetly gifted them to us.

Bamboo blinds have always been my favorite, especially in the lighter color, but never thought I would get them in this house since they are so expensive (blinds are just expensive in general..). Thankfully these beauties came across my path and we put them up last week.

We didn't buy these, but I did round these up from Blinds.com, Lowes, and Blindster. They are all relatively expensive, especially if you have to order custom sizes. But so far, we are loving having some privacy in our living room. I've noticed that we both sit out there more often and I feel more comfortable doing my yoga at night. Now we're looking at some tv's (and a Nintendo Switch), so maybe this room is our next project?

I am also planning on putting up the same kind of curtains we did in our bedroom on both windows. So this is a halfway done project - like everything else haha. But those will take up all that extra space on the walls and make the windows look bigger and longer since the actual panes are tiny.

We still need to replace our couch we lost last year with one that is hopefully the same so it will match the loveseat - which is not exciting because that's just another $1,000 to invest in this place. Right now we have some hand-me-downs recliner/recliner sofa, which are in great shape, but I need a sofa I can lay on. Hopefully though we will be able to keep these pieces throughout our next few homes. Speaking of the loveseat, we also need to get some feet to put on it.

Once we get a tv out there, we will turn the sofa around and place it in front of the window and have the console on the other wall. A coffee table, and actual console to put the tv on, a few side tables, some decorations, and maybe a plant I can't kill are all this room needs.

Someone asked me if the see-throughness of the bamboo bothers us, and the answer is no. No, they are not black out blinds, but you can not see through them at all. I actually like that part of these particular blinds because I can put the shades down during the day and it won't be pitch black. We tend to not use lights that often, we rely on natural light or candles, so that is a plus for us. However, if we get the tv in and the big window becomes a glare problem, I might consider sewing some fabric to the back of them - we'll see.

So there's a small update on what we've been doing the past few weeks I haven't been blogging. Thanks for all the messages and sweet notes about the Laundry Room, it was an incredible experience and we are thinking about participating in the October season too, so stay tuned!

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  1. I love the idea of placing bamboo blinds in your living room! It looks cool. It will also ban sunlight efficiently and keep your living area cool and calm throughout the day!


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