July 20, 2016

Kitchen Mood Board

The kitchen is one of my favorite places to be. For whatever odd reason I get a ton of satisfaction from having a clean kitchen (which doesn't necessarily mean it is clean). That is part of my goal when I think of how I want our new kitchen to feel; clean and organized. The house only came with half of a kitchen (see on the house tour here), we bought and installed stock cabinets from Lowe's for the other side. The hardest part of this mood board was deciding on what color(s) we wanted to paint the cabinets. At first, I was leaning toward all white with black hardware because the area does not have a bunch of natural light. But as I saw the cabinets installed with the counter top that we had gotten (it's white laminate with black speckles), I felt like all white would be too overpowering. I knew that I wanted the backsplash to be white subway tiles, which might even run across the whole wall that holds the doorway. My other choices were two different grays, one gray, or black lowers and white uppers. 

I finally decided on black lowers and white uppers. I love the clean and crisp feel and the black breaks up the white so it doesn't look like a serial killers house (Auston said that was his one request when I was picking out colors; don't make it look like a serial killer's house Elizabeth. Haha, okay?). The gold hardware brings a warmth and cohesiveness to the space while still keeping it modern and clean. Even though the idea appliance color is stainless steel, the place came with a perfectly working black range. We bought a black microwave/vent to go over the range so that we would have more counter space. It also came with a first generation Whirlpool fridge/freezer in the nice "once used to be white but is now a dirty yellow" color. We will either end up replacing it with a black one or DIYing our own paint job.

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