February 5, 2020

New Runner for the Hallway (Less than $200!)

Last week we revealed our less than $100 Hallway Refresh where I painted, put up frames, did some DIY art, and scored an awesome coat rack. It was my last $100 Room Challenge for a while, but I'm still trying to check projects off the list before baby gets here. One of those projects was to find a runner for our extremely long, hardwood hallway. I honestly don't know why rugs are so dang expensive. I mean, I understand economics and the cost of making something but that doesn't comfort me when I'm searching the internet for a budget-friendly runner.

I knew the space wasn't finished after the $100 update, without a runner it just looked empty and the hardwood creaked a lot.

Trying to find a 16 foot runner that didn't look cheap or cost an arm and a leg was difficult. I finally searched one of my favorite stores, CB2, and found the perfect black and white 8ft runner. But I needed 16 feet... So, thanks to a holiday sale and a $50 gift card I've been hoarding for a few years, I bought two 8 foot runners for a total of $175 which was a steal.

They ended up backorded until January, which was fine because I wasn't going to include them in the $100 refresh. When they finally got here I was nervous because it was so different than the other rugs I've bought (but don't love). After letting them lay on the floor for a night and waking up to see them there in the morning, I knew they were the direction my style is evolving towards — clean lines and textured neutrals.

Once I decided to keep them I needed to stitch them together. I originally thought I could use my sewing machine and it'd be done in a minute, but the fabric ended up being too thick for the machine. Plan B wasn't so bad, I just hand stitched it with some thick needle and thread. The tassles on the ends came off easily because they were only looped on the ends. You can barely even see the seem!

It really was the missing piece to this hallway and makes the gallery wall even that much prettier.

We're still waiting on the rug pad to get here so it doesn't slide everywhere but we've been happy with what we've had for the past few days.

Am I the only one with super long hallway challenges?! Surely not. If stitching together two rugs has never crossed your mind, let me know if you attempt it! The $$ I saved and being able to make exactly my vision come together really was worth it.


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