February 13, 2020

2nd Trimester Update (30 Weeks!)

Now that I am officially in my third trimester (!!!), I thought I'd give you guys an update on how it's been going for me and some products that I couldn't have made it through the past 12 weeks without. In my 16 week update I shared how difficult my first trimester was. Unending nausea and throwing up and losing so much weight because I wasn't able to eat. Finally around week 21 my nausea went away due to finding the right medicine and ever since then it's been typical pregnancy stuff!


Today starts Week 30! My pregnancy app (Flo) keeps comparing him to circular vegetables which would be great if he were circular. I mean I guess he is living in there like a pokeball. Every now and then I start to feel like I've got this pregnancy thing down, then I have a bad day.  But overall, I'm just thankful I can eat again.

Now that I'm feeling better, I've been able to check things off my to-do before baby list a little at a time. I completed the hallway refresh, almost completed the half-bath refresh, put the finishing touches on the shed ramp, and finished "tiling" half the backsplash. I'll put all of it in a post but the good behind the scene stuff is on my InstaStories.

He moves ALL the time. Sometimes it's small movements, must most often he breaks out the gloves and does his speed bag routine. He's getting stronger every day which means its starting to be more painful, but I just keep reminding myself that he's happy and healthy. He's usually calm when I'm working out or doing some physical activity, we walk and stretch every day and most days do a modified exercise routine.

I'm putting together a list of products I've loved during pregnancy, but I can already tell you that this cocoa butter stretch mark lotion is everything. I put it on twice a day and it has relieved any itching that may have started. I also take epsom salt baths pretty regularly. They seem to calm him down and it's nice for his weight to be taken off my back.

And finally due to overwhelming demand, here is the only bump pic I've taken. I am not one of those women who feel all glowy while pregnant, and I have not felt the need to capture that, but hey that's just real life. He may not look big, but let me assure you the he is all up in my business. I don't know where my intestines or lungs have gone, and my stomach is in my chest. In short, be happy if your baby is positioned so you have a big bump. Rib pain is no joke.

Baby Jase you're worth every painful breath though.

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