February 25, 2020

We Got An Out-Of-The-Box Mattress (& $130 Off Coupon Code!)

So many times I've marveled at those mattresses that come in a box and wondered if they really are as comfortable as a regular from-the-store mattresses and do they really come in a box that small? We bought a new one from a store when we moved in and it worked great for about 2 years. But when Auston started having back and hip pain from the divot that had formed on his side, we knew it was time to start looking again. We know we want to invest in a good sleep number bed but that will probably be a purchase we make when we build in a few years. Until then it finally gave us the opportunity to do some research and online shop for one of those fancy out-of-the-box mattresses!

After a lot of research and narrowing down things by price, reviews, features.... we finally settled on Layla Sleep!

First of all, yes, it did come in a box! We pulled it out and laid it on the bed frame, wondering if it really would inflate enough to support us. After we got the outside wrapper off and unrolled it, it immediately started hissing as it started to inflate. Then the inside wrapper came off and we waited... after 5 minutes it looked like a regular mattress!


One of the major things we liked about this mattress is it has two firmness options in one mattress: firm or soft. You can set it up to face whatever your preference is, and if you ever want to change you just flip it over! It also is made with copper which is supposed to keep it cool, something that really caught our eye.

It also looks so cool and modern with it's pretty hex pattern.  It's also really soft and honestly if it wouldn't get gross we would sleep directly on it.

It also came with two king sized pillows that also came in the box and inflated like the mattress. I just ordered these silk pillow cases for them (they had thousands of great reviews).

We still need to sleep on it for a few weeks and then report back on our findings, but the preliminary consensus is that we like it, but Auston says it has already helped with his pain.

For the first 20 people who comment, email (jonesvilleblog@gmail.com), or DM me I'll send you a $130 off coupon code to use!


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