February 10, 2020

Budget Room Refresh: Mid-Century Modern Living Room with AllModern ($1,500)

Our living room is one area that I have yet to touch with a real project. Almost everything in here, except for the drop cloth curtains, was bought. We love our deep sofas and our most recently acquired West Elm coffee table, but everything else is pretty much temporary. I've even started to outgrow the ever popular faux fiddle leaf fig, even though I do like something "green" in here. So I've teamed up with All Modern to put together a mid-century modern refresh for this room — for $1,500!

Mid-century modern can mean a lot of things, but one of the best places I've found to source true MCM pieces is All Modern. Even if you don't like the whole space being "mid-century modern", you most likely have a piece or two already in your space because the style is so timeless and classic. $1,500 may be too much for your budget all in one go, but by saving up and getting one piece at a time you can get this entire refresh in no time.

First on my list is to get this wooden console with drawers to house under the tv to hold all our board and video games. Then we can hang the tv on the wall and gain more storage on the top. At $300, it is comparable to getting one from IKEA, but looks three times as good!

Next on my priority list is to find a storage solution for books, odds & ends, and small things. I found this really pretty acacia wooden one with white shelves for $280. It would fit perfectly by one of the windows or in the corner where the current faux fiddle leaf is.

Since the sofas are in good shape and not too ugly, replacing them will be very last on the list. But when the time comes, the Gilbert Boxed Arm sofa caught my eye. At $590, it's affordable (in sofa terms) and has nice, clean lines perfect for creating a MCM space. Of course rounding out the refresh with a tripod floor lamp, natural wooden end table, and a cream knit throw I could curl up in for days is the perfect finishing touch.

Shop all these pieces directly from the mood board below — just click on the product!

Using mood boards to curate a whole refresh really puts a solid plan behind my vision for a space. I use Adobe Illustrator but you can definitely use Microsoft Word or a free product like Google Docs or Canva to create mood boards, so don't be afraid of doing one yourself!


I know I like budget-friendly ways to refresh a space, and this one has me excited for what our living room could be! Even though baby will be here soon (t-minus 11 weeks!), I can accomplish this refresh from my bed and a little help from Auston with the set up. Do you have an small budget refreshes planned for this year?!

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