January 29, 2020

$100 Room Challenge | Week 5: The Hallway Refresh Reveal

January really flies by when you live Wednesday to Wednesday! For the past 5 weeks I have been working on refreshing the hallway with a budget of $100. For my second (or third) $100 Room Challenge I took on the hallway closet, installing new shelves and doing some organization. It was great, but left the rest of the hall looking pretty dull next to it. My goal for this $100RC was to bring the rest of the hall up to speed with a quick, low skill refresh.

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Week 4: DIY Modern Art

5 weeks ago the hall was boring and plain, and even though it's just a hallway it didn't provide us with any functionality. There was a lot of wall space but it was oddly spaced, putting it low on my list to think about.

My number one goal was to utilize the largest wall space to make a gallery wall. IKEA is my go-to for almost any large frame, but I customize them by cutting my own mats. The Ribba frame is my favorite because it comes in several sizes but is a nice, thin, clean black frame. It doesn't bother me the "glass" is plexi-glass because it looks exactly the same, but if that bothers you may want to opt for more expensive ones.

The other end of the hallway was a major "to-do" since it's what I wake up to every morning. I debated putting a mirror here, but decided I didn't want to look at myself that much. Last week I DIY'ed some art to put up, being inspired by Block Shop Textiles. This week I put a frame on it but using some left-over pine strips and simply cutting them to size and using my nail gun to fasten it to the canvas.

My other area I wanted to tackle was the awkward space next to the closet and vent. It wasn't big enough to put more frames but also right next to the DIY art so I didn't want to put art next to art. I came across the perfect wall hook rack from Amazon and bonus it was only $30! Now guests (or me) can put jackets, purses, small dogs or whatever somewhere and not be on the floor.

I put a tiny black square frame I had originally got for the nursery above it. I filled it with the picture of us in the OBGYN's waiting room only moments before we found out baby Jase's gender. Since the door to the left is the nursery it'll be nice on those sleepless, difficult nights that at one point we didn't know who Jase was and it'll remind me to be thankful.

I put photos of us from our Alaska cruise last year in the gallery frames. I have yet to really comb through all the photos and videos but will hopefully get that done before baby gets here. I chose ones of us on the Capilano Suspension Bridge, us and mom 'n dad as we trekked on the Mendenhall Glacier, and us on a 4-wheeling tour of Haines.

The hall light was half a DIY. I got it from Home Depot but spray painted the base black. It was pretty cool to see Chris Loves Julia highlight it as one of their picks in the hallway inspiration post.

We buy toilet paper and paper towels in bulk and this closet is the only place to store them. It also is where we keep our towels since bathroom storage is non-existent.

Seeing the gallery wall from the living room makes everything feel a little more put together.

My absolute favorite thing about doing this, renovating your house, is that it's never "finished". If you don't like something you've done or your style has evolved, you can change it. This refresh is one step in the right direction to helping me find "my style". Unlike what you may feel like when you browse Instagram, small incremental changes are good. You don't have to spend a bunch of money to get where you want to go. Doing these $100 challenges over and over again I can attest to the power of small-budget phases. 

I came in right under the $100 budget! It really helped I had leftover wall paint from the One Room Challenge and a spare canvas on hand (even though they aren't expensive). You may not have this luxury, but you can definitely slowly acquire left over supplies after your projects like I did and end up with a fully stocked tool closet.

Supplies Bought
(3) IKEA Ribba Frames — $45
Wall Hook Rack — $30
Framing Mats — $10

Total: $95

Supplies Already Had
Behr Paint (Snow Fall increased by 100%)
Paint Roller
Pine Strips


This challenge flew by! There are so many great participants this round and they are all linked below, please give them a few minutes a stop by their reveals. Interested in participating in the next $100 Room Challenge? The next round will be in September, drop me a comment if you want to know more!

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  1. It all came together beautifully. Even toilet paper can be attractive when it is displayed right. :)

  2. Elizabeth this hallway makeover turned out great. I love the vacation pics. I bet you smile every time you walk by them. Everything is very chic and modern, from the artwork, color choices and the bit of natural wood. Well done!

  3. Those IKEA frames are so pretty! The space turned out amazing!

    1. Thanks! And super budget friendly for such big frames!

  4. Everything looks so put together and blends nicely. From the new frames to the kitchen cabinets. The coat rack to the basket in the closet. It all looks wonderful. Great job!

  5. I love how sleek and fresh everything looks. You have created a very modern vibe I feel like you live in chic a loft in a urban city.

    1. Ahh thanks Jen! Haha funny enough I'm in a very rural area!

  6. I love it. It really does showcase what $100 and some sweat equity and creativity can do!

    Quick question: Would you ever consider putting doors or something on the closet?

    1. Thank you! It actually had a crappy hollow core door on it when we moved in but we took it off because we have to access things in here every day, making it annoying to slide it back and forth a million times a day. And there's no room for like a barn door or something, so most likely not.

  7. This space is so bright and pretty now. My favorite thing is your DIY art. It is amazing. I also want to order one of those coat racks now.

  8. I am right there with you on the Ribba Frames girl LOL!! The sweet pictures you added are the perfect finishing touch to this space - I love the way they look from the living room and I'm still so in love with that DIY modern artwork!

  9. I LOVE THIS! Adding the frames was a perfect idea. I love that the frame is big, but the way you created your mats made the pictures not so overwhelming. Perfect balance. I need to do something in our hallway, and I love your ideas. I always love seeing what you do for these challenges as you always create such beautiful spaces. Can't wait to see that little one arrive.

    1. Thank you! I'm so into oversized mats because they really let the pictures shine. Haha thanks, us either!

  10. You certainly made the most of that hallway and I love all of the choices you made! It is so pretty!

  11. This is beautiful! What size are your photos in the ikea frames?


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