February 20, 2020

A Not-So Conventional Topic: Bidets (We LOVE Ours)

What's more awkward than talking about bathroom habits in America? Before this post, I would have said nothing. Now it's all I want to talk about because this bidet really changed our entire outlook on bathroom topics. In other developed countries, bidets are the norm. I've hardly heard of friends who travel overseas and not have a bidet experience. But for some reason America hasn't gotten on the bandwagon, and that was us, until about a month ago.

For the past 6-8 months I've had ads and things come up for Tushy, a bidet attachment you can add to any toilet. It caught my eye because of it's minimal and sleek design. I honestly had never given them any thought because it wasn't a part of our culture, but the more it popped up the more I was interested in it.

I started doing some research and was planning on bringing it up to Auston to see what his thoughts were. Then as we were driving in the car he said, "I've been thinking about getting a bidet." Providence lept in and we both decided to go with a Tushy Classic bidet attachment in white/bamboo we could install in our full bathroom.

So what exactly is a bidet?
A bidet at it's core is some kind of fixture to wash your underside. It can have a million features like a heated seat, sound effects, heated water, etc. but the main goal is to shoot water at your bum to get you clean.

Why did we go with a Tushy?
One of the main reasons I wanted a Tushy is because of it's minimal design and range of color options, but a huge reason is that it only needed a water supply, not a power supply. This means the flow of water is the only thing it needs to work. This makes installation a breeze. They also have awesome marketing and really win you over with their cheeky (ha) marketing and informational videos.

How hard is it to install?
Even if you've never done anything DIY in your life, you can install this bidet. All you do is turn off the water to the toilet (simple as turning the knob), connect the Tushy supply line with the attachment it comes with, take off your toilet seat, place the Tushy, and pop your seat back on. They even give you a step by step video link so you can see exactly how it's done.

What exactly does it do?
We opted for the Tushy Classic. It's just one simple knob that turns the bidet on/off and a little lever that adjusts the forward/backward tilt (makes it easy to aim anywhere on your bum). The further you turn the knob the more pressure it gives. So you can have a nice light stream or a full on deep clean. What I also appreciate about this particular bidet is you can turn the knob to the left and it cleans the bidet part that shoots the water out in the toilet bowl, taking the effort of cleaning it out of the equation.

The Tushy Spa adds another knob for temperature control, but since space is a premium in this small bathroom we decided to not have another supply line going to the sink's hot water line.

Adding this to our already slow closing with a magnetic toddler seat toilet seat really has upped the function of this bathroom and we're all about maximizing function in our 1300 SF house.

Here are Auston's thoughts:
"It's baffling to me that conventional American perception has fallen so far behind other countries where bidets are concerned. I promise once you start using it you'll have a hard time using the bathroom in places that don't have one."

Ease of installation: 10/10
Ease of use: 10/10
Recommendation: 10/10

Are you convinced yet? I know I was skeptical before we had one. Maybe you're ready to pull the trigger but don't want to drop a bunch of money on one or maybe you're fully convinced and ready to get one with all the bells and whistles (it's seriously crazy how many things it can do), so here's two different budget breakdowns!

Budget Bidets

Splurge Bidets

If you end up getting one, please let me know what you think of it! I've also heard that it's great for hemorrhoids and postpartum care, so many benefits to so many different phases of life.



  1. Thank you Elizabeth for the information on bidets. I need one and will look into this. God Bless

    1. You should! They really are great, let me know how you like it!

  2. This is great information! I too fell for the Tushy marketing. We also have a bathroom setup that would make a hot water line prohibitive. So, at the risk of asking an overly... sensitive... question, how do you find the cold water spray? Is it just something you adjust to? I'm worried I would never want to use it, it would be too startling!


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