October 30, 2019

One Room Challenge | Week 5: Customizing IKEA Dresser + New Shades

It's the last progress week! Week 5 of the One Room Challenge was mostly waiting on products to arrive and cleaning out the rest of the room. We actually did some traveling over the weekend so I had some time to think about all the reveal shoot details. I almost always take a last minute trip to Target or some boutiques to get the finishing touches the weekend of the reveal shoot so I scribbled down some things I think might be missing in preparation.

If you're like me and have missed reading the some progress weeks, you can catch up really quickly.

Week 1: The Middle Room Befores
Week 2: The Neutral Minimalist Mood Board
Week 3: Middle Room is Painted
Week 4: New Dresser & Painted Closet

So far I have only used hand-me-down bamboo shades and DIY'ed my drop cloth curtains because if you've ever looked into shades they are expensive. I was so excited to see Yellow Brick Home do a post on shades from Bali Blinds because it was just what I was looking for, but once I customized them to what we needed they ended up being $1,000 (two roman blackout shades) and that was a hard pass from my budget. After surfing the entire internet, seriously I don't even know how many hours I spent looking at shades, I landed on these Chicology Shades in Belgian Flax (Privacy & Light Filtering) from Amazon. They were creamy linen color, a pull-down push-up, light filtering, and had good reviews for only $55 a piece. Even if these aren't my dream shades, they will get the job done and look good doing it — a good compromise for anyone not working with a designer sized budget.

Also, you can peek the Urban Outfitters lamp and IKEA side table in the corner.

It looks like a lot of light is coming through in this photo but it's because the exposure is so long on my camera from the cloudy day I was shooting. You can also see the new rug in the corner — I don't let myself fully roll it out until the end of the challenge to let myself have some excitement like you guys get on reveal week.
When I bought the IKEA dresser I had plans to fully customize it: new paint and new knobs. I had my heart set on circular, unlaquered brass. I thought about getting my dream knobs from Rejuvenation (that are ironically on sale today) but they were too expensive at $11 a piece for this project budget. Maybe next time they go on sale I will have had time to save up and can splurge on them.

I settled on these Fusili Oval Knobs from Home Depot. I knew I could make these cheaper ones work with just a little bit of spray paint, the only question was...what color. I didn't want full on gold (which instantly looks tacky to me) but wanted a more unlacquered/patina(ed) brass color.

It only took a few light coats of  my Rustoleum Metallic spray paint to turn these nickle knobs into pretty burnished brass knobs.

I decided not to paint the dresser. I like the dark black/blue it is and painting it would just be more work and I would always be worried about it chipping. The knobs were a breeze to put on since IKEA pre-drills the holes. They really take the IKEA feel and turn it into more of a West Elm looking piece.


Next week is reveal week! I can pretty much guarantee you you're not looking forward to it as much as I am because it's the week I get to really sit down and sift through everyone else's spaces because the stress of finishing my own space is gone. I'll be scrambling to get everything together and focusing a lot of my time on the photos — I'll take all the tips for shooting white interior spaces if you have them.

Since this is the last progress week, be sure to go through the other guest participant's last update before their reveals!

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