November 8, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week 6 | Drop-cloth Curtains

If you follow along with the blog then you know I debate myself in almost every post. It's not intentional, I just really do a lot of thinking before I make a decision. So the debate for this week: what color the curtain rod should be. I finally ended up settling on brass since the chair will be chrome and the bar cart/accessories will be brass and I wanted something structural to tie it all together.

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Since we live and renovate on a budget, I try to use everything I have before buying something. I already had this satin nickle curtain rod from Target that I never returned (story of my life with returns) and knew I could spray paint it. I used my trusty Rustoleum spray paint to coat the rod and the rings.

We made drop cloth curtains for the master bedroom and living room and have loved them. For this room I wanted dark curtains since I decided to keep the light gray walls, so why not try to dye the dropcloths. After they are completely dyed, then I can cut and sew then to the correct length.

This One Room Challenge season I've learned a lot about myself, mainly how indecisive I am when I haven't taken the first step. As I'm writing this I still haven't dyed the dropcloth curtains because I can't decide on which shade of blue to use (thanks for all the input on my Stories!) because I have one chance to do them and I don't want to mess them up. Basically, I had 3 options: Blue, Blue/Green, Dark Blue. After a few hours of soaking, you can see how the colors turned out.

This space used to be a bedroom and has a small closet in the corner. My thinking is to turn it into a bookshelf where Auston can keep additional books? Thanks to all of you who have suggested this, but other suggestions are welcome (and needed!) because I have still not made up my mind and the reveal is a week away.. yikes. But hey, last season I did the exact same thing where the room was like 60% done on Week 4 and somehow I got it completely finished for the reveal so I have my fingers crossed again.

Oh and I also added another coat of stain to the desk because it just didn't feel right. Now I feel better when I look at it on the rug and by the dark floors.


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