October 16, 2019

One Room Challenge | Week 3: Middle Room Is Painted

When we first moved in we painted the entire interior Sherwin William's Repose Gray. It really is the perfect gray but I was ready for this room to have something different for a while. For Week 3 of our One Room Challenge the goal was to get the middle room 100% painted and ready to be styled. Well, I'm happy to report we got at least 80% done! It may not seem like much but we had company all weekend and Monday was a holiday.

I prepped the room and Auston painted the entire thing, which really was a beast because of all the brush work needed. I used my favorite white — Behr's Snow Fall in eggshell at 100% increase. The increase may seem like a lot but the regular version is just two drops of umber, increasing it by 100% means there's 4 drops. Not a huge change but it really makes a difference in the warm undertone.

I ordered a lot of products this week and things have already started shipping. We're also making an IKEA run and will get things like the dresser and some odds and ends. I also need to look into possible closet systems that aren't expensive but also a little more sophisticated than the DIY job I did that's currently in there.

In the mean time you can check out the rest of the guest participants on the ORC blog. How is your progress coming?

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  1. That white looks so bright and crisp! Love the Elfa system from the Container Store for closets, if you haven't looked into it yet.


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