November 6, 2019

One Room Challenge | Week 6: Surprise Nursery Reveal (!)

We've been keeping a secret... we're expecting our first baby in May 2020 and for this One Room Challenge we're revealing what was supposed to be a guest room that we actually turned into a nursery! I used the same moodboard and aimed for the same feel, we just swapped out a bed for a crib and a glider.

If this is your first time here — hi! What a week to stop by! My name is Elizabeth and my husband of 3 years is Auston. We live in the Northeast Georgia mountains, a little more than an hour from Atlanta. We bought our first house (this house — a 1960's brick ranch) when we got married and have been renovating it ever since. Both of us have day jobs but this is my hobby! This is my 5th One Room Challenge and I'm a big advocate for women using power tools and just doing it no matter your skill level!

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If you're in shock — we are too! We found out 4 weeks before this challenge started (when I was roughly 7 weeks) and I was so conflicted in joining. I was going through severe morning sickness and ended up registering 3 hours before the 1st week's post went live. I knew this was the perfect thing to give me the motivation to get the nursery done and not procrastinate until baby bear was almost here. Plus, the timing worked out that we were able to tell all our family (across Georgia and North Carolina) and friends before the reveal date when it would be the perfect time to tell you.

I'll give you a huge pregnancy update next week, right now I'm just so excited baby will have a cozy space to spend it's first few years. We don't know the gender yet, and won't find out for another 5 weeks, so we're still calling it "baby". I still would have decorated the space the same neutral way even if we did know.

I searched high and low for an oversized based lamp with a sharp cone shade, but to much avail nothing was out there in my price range. On a Target trip I stumbled across this fillable brushed nickle base and the idea shot into my head to fill it with all of Auston and I's love notes over the years. These are just the nicely folded notebook paper ones, there's still a whole box of them in my bedroom (and even a weird Easter egg, not sure what that was from).

At the last minute I decided to get different knobs for the dresser. The oval ones just weren't working for me and I came across these newly released round ones from IKEA. I spray painted them with the same metallic Rustoleum color.

I DIY'ed the art above the crib. It's hard to tell but it's actually an oil painting with thick textured strokes that you can't really capture with a camera. It's just a canvas from Walmart that I nailed pine strips from Home Depot around.

I shared the shades last week, now that the entire room is together I can tell you I love them so much more. I was afraid they were too dark but it really pulls that side of the room together. They're my first experience with roman shades and I already am a fan. I'm sure baby will be too when it's sleeping in a nice dark room.

I thought I wanted a floor lamp to go next to the glider, but once I started putting all the products in the room I knew one wouldn't fit. The only place for the glider was by the window because it also doubles as a recliner and needs ample space to lay back. I mean this baby goes almost flat, it's awesome and a great price from Target. The door in this corner goes to the half bathroom that adjoins to our room which basically makes the entire corner unusable. I slid the glider as close to the door as I could while still having room to open and close it.

Buying the first pieces for baby's closet was so sweet and putting them on hangers made everything seem so real! The closet was the perfect place to add a bunch of storage. Even though we don't have much to go in there yet, I know all the extra space and bins will come in handy one day.

I bought this faux olive tree from Target but couldn't find a place for it in the room but it fit nicely on the closet shelf! That probably won't end up being it's forever home but it sure brings in a nice touch of greenery to the room.

Even though the glider is also a recliner, I wanted a pouf to prop your legs up while rocking baby in the glider form. I found a great (and cheap!) one on Amazon and it turned out to be of great quality. I might even get another one for our living room it's so great.

I mean, just look at those sweet cardigans, I could just cry! (Cue 2nd trimester hormones...)

I put one of our Amazon Echo Dots in here because we love them. It's super easy to use with our Spotify and we can use anywhere in the house. Yes, we've turned off privacy issues of recording and data sharing.

This was my first time buying digital art from Etsy. It turned out great! The landscape I ended up picking was a beautiful watercolor and only cost $7. If you're trying to decorate on a budget, it really is a great option and Etsy has so many artists and choices.

I just can't get enough of these IKEA bookshelf. It displays books so nicely while also keeping them safe from grabby baby hands. I can't wait to be able to read all these cute books a million times, I even have a few baby's first Japanese words I'm excited about.

Maybe I can head off any comments, but I know you're not supposed to have pillows in the crib, it's just for decoration. Once baby arrives it will have a beautiful uncluttered mattress to spend its nights.

Crib / Dresser / KnobsRecliner & Glider / White Oak Side Table / Terracotta Table LampEcho DotRug / Keekaroo Peanut Changer / Leather Pouf / Roman Shades / Fillable Table Lamp / Lamp Shade / Bookshelf / Hangers / Panda Bear / Throw Blanket / Faux Olive Tree / Paint: Behr Snow FallLandscape Print / Leather Handle Rope Basket / Wooden Bin / Rope BasketWall ShelfLumbar Pillow / Square Pillow / Ceramic Bottle Pump / Hamper with lid: HomeGoods / Hamper with liner: HomeGoods

I'd like to apologize to the ORC and BHG folks for hijacking my reveal to make a huge announcement but it just seemed like the best way to share our new because the people who participate in this challenge (you) have become real-life friends and this challenge is what brought us together.

It's time for a long, long nap — but first please please check out the other guest participants. I'm always amazed at the friends I make and new accounts I come across through this challenge. If you're a guest participant, be sure to leave a comment and I'll make it a point to see your reveal!


  1. Congratulations! What a lovely surprise! And this is a gorgeous nursery for your first baby. Cheers!

  2. What a big reveal! Congrats. Go have a very well-deserved nap.

    1. Thank you!!! Haha that is definitely my main goal this evening!

  3. oh wow! what an exciting reveal and adorable nursery! wishing you all the best in your pregnancy!

  4. What a beautiful, clean space! And what wonderful news--congratulations to you and your husband, and I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible.

  5. Wow! What a sweet space, I just love this nursery! Congratulations, such a wonderful reveal!

  6. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So peaceful! Love that rug!


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