April 26, 2017

One Room Challenge Week 4 | Finished Water Heater Closet and Trimmed out the Cabinets

The One Room Challenge is back and everyone is making incredible progress. Week 4 has come and gone, and it feels like I keep doing the same thing over and over again. But when I look back at what it looked like last week, it really has come a long way. You can catch up with the previous weeks for a quick refresher.

Week 1: Laundry Room Before and Plans
Week 2: Plumbing, Prepping Walls, Cabinets, and Mood Board
Week 3: Faux Shiplap & Water Heater Closet

This week we were able to build in the cabinets, put in the water heater wall, build the door, trim out the window, caulk and prime everything. It's starting to come together! We don't have a lot of words for you today, but we do have a lot of update pictures.

The first thing I did was build the cabinets up to the ceiling. My original plan was to add another cabinet up there, but once the cabinets were up, it was just too small of a space and I didn't want to raise or lower anything.

Next was to trim out the window. This was the most fun part since it felt like it made the biggest difference. I used simple 1x4's and laid one flat to make the edge. Spackled all the nail holes, caulked the lines, and primed it all.

Lastly, we installed the water heater closet and built the door to it. I bought some black hinges, but am not totally convinced to not spray them white. I guess we'll decide once we put the hardware on the cabinets. My idea is for it to look more like a wall than a door, and those hinges really stand out.

I know everyone has a ton of blogs to catch up on this morning, so that's all for today! This next week we will be building the open shelf, painting the washer and dryer, and hopefully start on the wallpaper (if it gets shipped in time!). Make sure to catch my InstaStories to see all the behind the scenes!

To Do List
  • Put up drywall
  • Tape/Mud
  • Install upper cabinets
  • Paint ceiling (patch up rough spots)
  • Build waterheater closet (finish door)
  • Shiplap wall
  • Paint Shiplap
  • Do trim
  • Paint Washer/Dryer
  • Build lower cabinet
  • Wallpaper the other walls
  • Make open shelf
  • Hardware & Flushmount
Check out the rest of the ORC Guest Participants for Week 4 (we're #62) and the Featured Designers below. Everyone's progress is seriously great and I love connecting with new people on Instagram!


  1. Looks good! Love the paneling and the window trim!

    1. Thanks Danielle! It took us right up until the last minute to get it finished but it's finally done!


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