May 4, 2017

One Room Challenge Week 5 | Open Shelf, Base Cabinet, and Final Wall Color

If you've been following along with the InstaStories this week, you saw the great paint color debate and my unwrapping of the wallpaper that finally got here! Week 5 of the One Room Challenge has come and gone, and we are one step closer to having a functioning laundry room. This week we were able to get the final color on the walls, build the frames for the bottom drawer and open shelf, and paint the Washer and Dryer. Catch up on the previous weeks to see how far we've come, in the reveal next week I'll be sure to have some good befores and side by sides.

Week 1: Laundry Room Before and Plans
Week 2: Plumbing, Prepping Walls, Cabinets, and Mood Board
Week 3: Faux Shiplap & Water Heater Closet
Week 4: Finished Water Heater Closet and Trimmed out the Cabinets

The Washer/Dryer

We inherited these old Washer and Dryer from my sister and brother in law. For a minute, we had out eye on a pair of new frontend loaders at an estate sale, but they got swept up before we could get back to them. The ones we had were really dented and had paint scratches everywhere and over all they just looked bad. When we moved in, I painted our 70's fridge with black epoxy spray paint and it turned out GREAT. I thought I could do something similar with this Washer and Dryer but with a Stainless Steel color. 

I ended up with this Rustoleum High Heat in Aluminum spray paint which only cost $6 at Home Depot. It took almost a whole bottle to do one unit and I did two coats on each, bringing my total to $24. It's a pretty cheap fix for when you don't have that extra cash to spend on appliances. It turned out better than I thought it would and I know it'll look better when it's against the grasscloth wallpaper and stained countertop.

Final Paint Color

Last week we were able to spackle all the nail holes and prime everything. This week we picked a final color - after about 10 different samples. We normally try to support our local Sherwin Williams, but since they were closed when I was looking for samples, I ended up with a Behr color for the first time. Thanks to you guys for weighing in on which one looked best in the space! Our final choice was Behr Crystal Cut in Eggshell. It's just a slightly warm white, but it really makes more of a difference in person than it does in these pictures.

Bottom Cabinet

This is such a small space and the Washer takes up a good portion of the wall. I looked through all the cabinets I could get at hardware stores in the area and there was absolutely nothing for 31", because who really needs such an obscure width. We decided to just make one - it seems way harder than it is. We got done with the basic framing and side panels. We decided against a toe kick since it was already going to be as small as it possibly could.

Next week we need to add the door and bottom, and attach the counter (that we are going to make out of project boards). Not a hard task, just a time consuming one.

Open Shelf

The open shelf is probably the feature that I am most excited about. Not only will it be pretty it will be functional, the perfect combination. This week we were able to complete the framing and we decided to leave the pretty planks off until the wallpaper was up to prevent any glue getting on them.

I won't get any sleep this weekend, but it's gonna be worth it. Oh and did I mention that I'm in the middle of changing jobs too? Haha yeah I like to do all the important things at once.

Be sure to come back next week to see the big reveal! This week we'll get the wallpaper up, the bottom drawer done, and all the accessories up. SO much to do but Auston will be gone so I have all the free time in the world. Little by little we're crossing things off the list.

To Do List
  • Put up drywall
  • Tape/Mud
  • Install upper cabinets
  • Paint ceiling (patch up rough spots)
  • Build waterheater closet (finish door)
  • Shiplap wall
  • Paint Shiplap
  • Do trim
  • Paint Washer/Dryer
  • Build lower cabinet (Finish pull out drawer)
  • Make open shelf (Cover with planks)
  • Wallpaper the other walls
  • Hardware & Flushmount 
Check out the rest of the ORC Guest Participants for Week 5 (we're #36) and the Featured Designers below. Everyone is making huge strides and I can't wait to see the finished spaces next week!

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