April 13, 2017

One Room Challenge Week 2 | Plumbing, Prepping Walls, Cabinets & the Mood Board

I can't believe Week 2 has already come!  Week 1 we showed the before pictures and laid out some visual plans. Everyone's plans look awesome and I can't wait to see everyone's progress this week. Week 2 seems like it's one of the most "not fun" weeks because everyone is tearing things down and just starting to put things back together. But this week we were able to get the plumbing done, prep the walls, get the cabinets up, paint the ceiling, and start on the mood board.

We finally got to install these cabinets this week and they look amazing. I've actually rewritten this sentence like 5 times just so I could convey how much I love these cabinets.They are the perfect Shaker and come in a pre-painted white, perfect for a 6 week challenge, eh? On the washer side we put 2 27" shaker cabinets side by side. It was my first time hanging cabinets and my dad helped me make sure I secured them right since I was (and kind of still am) paranoid about them falling off. But after hanging the first one, the other ones were easier. This next week we'll put filler strips on both sides and eventually build them up to the ceiling.

Above the dryer we hung 1 30". The reason it's so high is we are going to put a rod to hang drying shirts and what not above the dryer. Someone asked me if the height was going to be a problem getting stuff down, but we will really only use these cabinets for storage other than laundry stuff. So we won't be putting stuff up and down on any regular basis.

We ran in to one snag this week, the plumbing. When we took the old sheet rock off, we noticed how old the wood was looking. Instead of drilling holes in the studs, we decided to leave the plumbing outside the sheet rock. It's not a big deal, we'll just build a small box around them to keep them from getting damaged.

My sister is updating her house too, and when she sent me a picture of this awesome mid-century light asking if I wanted it I couldn't believe mt eyes! It was the perfect light to put in the laundry room. I would have loved to put the wicker pendant I snagged at Vics Vintage, but the space is really small and I did't want to cram the cabinet doors from opening. To update it, I put a quick and cheap coat of matte black spray paint.

And it turned out way better than I thought! Perfect to add some style to the room but not take up a ton of space. Plus, who has a three globe flushmount? It's pretty unique and it's growing on me more every day.

We were able to paint the ceiling with a flat white. This sheetrock is really old and it has been patched a few times by previous owners. But once the paint was on and the shadows hit just right, I could see places that need to be mudded over again. So patching is on the list for this next week.

I got together a mood board, even though I'm still debating on hardware, wallpaper, paint, and rug :'D haha. I like thinking about paint the cabinets a fun color since everyone is saying white is overplayed right now, the walls a green color (but everyone's doing that this year), or fun gold hardware, but I keep coming back to these things. So for right now this is the direction I'm heading. 

Next week we're planning on doing the shiplap, so stay tuned! I also am sharing all the progress and behind the scenes in my Insta-Stories @jonesvilleblog. Here's the rest of our to-do list:

  • Put up drywall
  • Tape/Mud
  • Install upper cabinets
  • Paint ceiling (patch up rough spots)
  • Make open shelf
  • Paint Washer/Dryer
  • Build waterheater closet
  • Shiplap wall
  • Build lower cabinet
  • Install counter
  • Wallpaper (or paint?) the other wall
  • Do trim
  • Hardware
  • Flushmount

Whew, I think that's all. But I live for that moment when I can cross something off.

Check out the rest of the ORC Guest Participants for Week 2 (we're #87) and the Featured Designers below. Everyone's progress is seriously great and I love connecting with new people on Instagram!

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