April 6, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week 1 | Laundry Room Before and Plans

Exciting news friends! If you guys have been watching my Insta-Stories, you'll know that this season we are participating in the One Room Challenge as a Guest Participant! I didn't even know about this challenge or what it was until this past season in October. For those of you who don't know the One Room Challenge is literally just that - a challenge to remodel/redo/upgrade one room in your house (or wherever) in 6 weeks. You hear that right, just 6 weeks. Some people take on kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, pretty much any space you can think of. They ask 20 bloggers to participate as the Featured Designers, who post on Wednesdays, and then open the challenge to other blogger to participate as a Guest Participant. You can see all the Guest Participants linked up on Calling It Home's website (we're #195!)

It's a simple concept but gives everyone the push they need to start on that space they've been putting off for so long (*cough* our laundry room *cough*). It also connects us all to bloggers that we don't normally follow or don't know about! So this season we are participating, so follow along every Thursday - Welcome to Week 1.  

This season we decided to remodel our utility/laundry room, which I'm sure will be the subject for many of these makeovers. Ours right now is home to only the water heater, but with this project we are adding the laundry half. When we bought this house, I had mixed feelings about it being disconnected from the house. On one hand I thought it would be a hassle to go in and out of two doors (so hard, I know) and put on shoes every time. But on the other hand I had heard from friends that it was nice to not hear the water heater and washing/drying machines when they were going. So I think I can give a full opinion after we start using is for laundry for a bit.

The before video mashed up with my  Insta-Story walk through of the laundry room is below, we've already got the sheetrock up!

Pre-Challenge we were able to tear out all the old sheetrock and bring it down to the studs.

Here's some pictures of what it looks like now, they're at weird angles because the space is so small. Just sheetrock, screws, and some really ugly exterior paint. We had to cut the bottom off the exterior siding since it started to rot out, so we need to paint and nail those boards up. Gosh this space is gross, it's hard to imagine what it's (hopefully) gonna feel like in 6 weeks.

Long story short, back in November, we had a huge water leak (17,000 gallons worth) and had to do some replumbing. This lead to Auston tearing out all of the sheetrock in the utility room without a heads up haha. So the picture above and the before video are the oldest visuals we have of the inside. After that incident, I wrote this post where I had sketched out some design plans. Those are below and you can read about them more there.

Am I overwhelmed at all that needs to get done in 6 week? Yeah. But who isn't, so let's have fun with this. So stay tuned for weekly Thursday updates! Search #oneroomchallenge on Instgram to see everyone's progress. Next week we'll be working on the Mood Board, doing some plumbing, prepping the walls, and all that jazz. Check out the 20 ORC bloggers below as they share their spaces on Wednesdays!

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  1. good plans and wow, it will be quite different from its current state! Looking forward to following along over the next 6 weeks!


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