September 30, 2020

$100 Room Challenge | Week 5: Organized Modern Shed Reveal

 I can't believe my 8th (!!!) $100 Room Challenge is already over! It took me three weeks to really get going on this project but once I started painting it really began to come together. In just 5 weeks we went from dingy and brown to white and bright! Before you couldn't even see the floor because it was covered in stuff, now the floor is almost bare. So much room for activities! I actually had so much room from adding the pegboard wall that I brought in stuff from my tool closet in the house. 

Week 1: The Shed Interior Befores
Week 2: Cleaning & Painting the Shed Interior
Week 3: Painting, Painting, Painting
Week 4: Installing the Peg Board Wall

5 weeks ago this shed was a grimy and non-functional place. It was where we put things we didn't intend to get to because going in here just made you want to take a shower.

I mean can you even believe this is the same space! It just reignites my creativity and makes me want to start on the next project.

Installing the pegboard really was the best use of this space. It gets everything off the floor and is completely customizable. If I get new tools or get rid of something all I need to do is move some hooks around.

My dad gave me this awesome tool box that I knew would fit perfectly in the center of the wall. However, I do need to find the key because I may or may not have misplaced it. I used some long hooks and put some pieces of scrap wood up to create a makeshift shelf to put my spray paints on. 

One of my biggest priorities was having a large space to maneuver the lawn mower in and out. 

Another hand-me-down was this 5" vise from my granddad. I was going to get rid of it because I didn't know if I'd ever use it but once I cleaned it up I knew it just had to stay. 

I also wanted to create a space for our outdoor sports stuff. All of our discs for disc golf were stuffed in a bag and getting them out to display really makes them more accessible. Next to that is paint space which I wasn't planning on doing, but once I had so much extra space it just fit perfectly.

My original plan was to put shelves back on each side, but, I ran out of money for this $100 challenge. So, after this reveal I'm going to spend my October project budget putting those up and customizing this space even more.

That's a wrap! I grabbed a few extra hooks at the end so I went a few dollars over, but I round up in my accounting so I'm still happy. There is so many great participants this round so be sure to check all of them out below.

Budget Used
Behr Paint "Ultra Pure White" — $25
Behr Paint "Shadow Mountain" — $5
(3) Pegboard — $55
Pegboard Hooks — $20

TOTAL: $105


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  1. Your shed turned out so nice. It looks so organized and clean. I might just have to do this to our shed. Both the inside and outside looks amazing.

    1. Thanks Terrie! It really is so much more functional!

  2. Perfect garage and so organized great job!

  3. Wow that is so organized and so much more storage space for you what a great space you have gained for under $100!

  4. Now that's a shed! Makes me want to get our own shed and garage in order!

  5. I have serious shed envy right now! You did such a great job organizing yours! I like that you have a spot for everything including your discs (ours get left in the trunk of our car, not the best spot!
    Glad you kept your grandpa's vice! JC has some tools from his grandpa and they are his treasures :)

    1. Haha thank you! Having a spot for everything really just makes it all so much easier! Aww that's sweet, find a good spot to display them!

  6. This looks so good! Painting everything white helped make this a bright organized storage space. Well done you!

  7. A complete function space! It even looks bigger!! Congrats on a job well done!

  8. It’s so bright! Looks so much more spacious! Great work!

  9. Wow! Elizabeth- this is amazing! Love the pegboard and the organization, it looks SO good!

  10. Elizabeth!!! This is amazing! Painting everything white was perfect. It just makes this space feel 100x bigger and brighter. And I love how you were able to do so much with the pegboard. This makeover is unbelievable with only $105! I am glad you joined the challenge this month!

  11. I am all about a great organized shed/garage space. Makes the projects go so much smoother.


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