September 9, 2020

$100 Room Challenge | Week 2: Cleaning & Painting the Shed Interior

Week 2 of the $100 Room Challenge and we are in full swing reno mode! Most of this week I spent cleaning out most of the shed. I removed a thousand random nails from every corner imaginable and shop-vac'ed all of the cobwebs.

Week 1: The Shed Interior Befores

I took down the makeshift shelf the person who put this together installed on both sides. One side was very thin plywood that was rotting and the other side was moldy drywall. Since we store so many large tools in here, I don't really want them sitting outside or in the carport for these few weeks so I am working on one side while I move all the tools on the opposite side, then I'll switch that way I can do all of this without taking things out.

When I tore off the makeshift pegboard on the back wall I could see the pretty original light color of the plywood, which really wasn't bad it has just aged and is now very dark brown. Since the tin has grooves in it, I decided just to just use a brush. I could roll the plywood but all the fine grooves made it easier to just use a brush.

Instead of getting a tinted paint, I opted this time to just go for an untinted Behr Ultra Pure White. Meaning I just grabbed a paint can off the shelf and didn't have them color it. I wanted it to be as bright as possible in here and this base white is as white as you can get. I am the messiest painter in the world so I always use the same painting shirt and shorts but I never paint without my Handy Paint Pail, it is literally my sidekick.

Budget Used
Behr Paint "Ultra Pure White" — $25

This next week I'm hoping to continue painting and get the entire left side painted. I haven't decided what shelves or pegboard I'm going to do yet so I'm just going to paint first and then decide that later. I also think I'm going to cut a piece of plywood to put above the electrical box because for some reason they left that open and it looks unfinished.

I already feel a little bit cleaner when I walk in and don't feel like bugs are going to attack me. 


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  1. A bright white paint can do wonders. This is going to be a good makeover. Nice job

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  3. Great progress! I can't wait to see how bright it looks when it is finished!

  4. I hear ya on being a messy painter. I do just like you and wear the same shirt and shorts every time I paint. Things are looking great in your shed. The white paint is certainly brightening things up in here!


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