October 6, 2020

A Big Exterior Update! Painting Our Eaves and Windows Black

Since we moved in this house 4 years ago one big thing on my to-do list is repaint the eaves. Last year we replaced the grey roof with this beautiful black one I started thinking about tackling the eaves. I got stalled with choosing a color and then it was too cold out and then I was too pregnant. Fast forward to July and I finally started gathering my energy to start this project!

We have made huge strides on this house exterior already, replacing the roof alone upped it's curb appeal by a thousand, but I knew painting the eves and gutters would make it feel complete.

I took this project on 15 minutes at a time while the baby was taking naps. Naps started lengthening and I started getting more and more done, but it was still dragging on. July turned into August and by September I finally finished! 

Before I go on, I used Behr's exterior Marquee paint color matched to Sherwin Williams' "Tricorn Black" in eggshell. It may the best black every created and possibly what I'll paint my future house.

I used a brush on 99% of this project, Auston rolled the eaves on the right side of the house that was too high for me to reach safely with the brush. There were so may edges that needed to be brushed that by the time it was done there was only a sliver left to paint, so I just skipped the roller.

This project wouldn't have taken so long if I hadn't decided half way through that I wanted to paint the windows too. It just didn't look right with the eaves painted and the windows not. Each window has a storm window on top so it took twice as long to take them all down and paint. But look at how awesome they look!

Auston cuts this side of the house in a curve so it photographs with this cool fisheye look.

The backyard still needs SO much work, but I keep telling myself I need to remember how far it's come. The shade/sun grass seed we put out only took to the shady parts of the yard so we need to find a better one to put in the sunny spots. I have no idea what that random spot of white is on the utility room but I need to get the paint out and make it match the rest of the brick. (You can see the cardboard that's in the nursery windows to block light for baby's naps.)

I also need to build the two or three steps up to the backdoor where the porch used to be. The tentative plan is to do a paver patio are where the porch used to be and maybe build a firepit surrounded by some chairs.

It's so much more welcoming to drive up to this non-chipping black backdrop. It took a while, but it was definitely worth it. I still have plans to do some landscaping and possibly add some kind of shutters. Maybe even a window box or two.

I used almost 3 gallons for this project, so it only totalled about $150. If you worked all day I think we could have gotten it done in a full weekend, so don't let how long it took me scare you. Are you thinking about painting your exterior? 


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