September 25, 2020

$100 Room Challenge | Week 4: Installing the Peg Board Wall

These weeks are really flying by! It's been a full 4th progress week for me, I installed the pegboard wall, painted the floors, finished painting the walls and ceiling, and dropped a nap. Only one more week until the reveal! Let's jump right into some progress pictures.

Week 1: The Shed Interior Befores
Week 2: Cleaning & Painting the Shed Interior
Week 3: Painting, Painting, Painting

First thing I did was finish painting the right side of the floor, ceiling, and walls. Note to self when painting a floor: don't leave your coffee mug on the other side of the floor you're painting. Once it was primed I put a coat of the grey paint down. It's a great warm shade of grey that looks like concrete and I completely lucked out by finding it in the "oops" section, which is paint that was tinted but people returned before using so they're marked down to $5. I looked up the formula and it is called "Shadow Mountain". 

Next I put the backer boards up to secure the pegboard to and painted them white. The hardest part about this was making sure they lined up to the holes on the pegboard. 

I used 1.25" drywall screws with a washer to secure the pegboards to the backer boards. It's not really difficult, just awkwardly heavy so I had to have Auston help me hold it up while I put the screws in.

I put the bottom backers up since the pegboard wasn't big enough to cover the whole wall. I didn't necessarily need the bottom part pegboard-ed, but it looked unfinished without it. So I scrapped putting the shelves up since the extra sheet would push me over the budget and decided to finish the whole wall.

I forgot to paint the bottom backers white but once I got the pegboard up it looked fine. 

Once the right side was done I moved all the tools from the left side over. I did the exact same thing on the left side: backers, pegboard, paint floor.

That's how far I got! All that's left is to finish the grey on the floor and get everything organized!

Budget Used
Behr Paint "Ultra Pure White" — $25
Behr Paint "Shadow Mountain" — $5
(3) Pegboard — $55


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  1. The pegboard is a such a good idea and looks so good painted white. Loving the dark gray floors too. Looking forward to seeing your space complete


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