September 14, 2020

Installing Peel & Stick Faux-Tile in the Kitchen

There are not many things you want to do when you're 6 months pregnant (back in January), but I had just started feeling better from my first and second trimester sickness and wanted to check a few things off my to-do list before baby got here. One task was to tile the backsplash in the kitchen. I was planning to use real tile, but when I decided I wanted to also do the door wall I started getting major scope creep. I didn't have the budget, time, or energy to tile that much so when I came across this great subway looking peel and stick tile, I instantly bought some to try!

It wasn't bad to start with, it was just missing something. 

The first step was prepping the walls. Since this was peel and stick tile, I thoroughly cleaned all the walls and smoothed out any bumps or scratches. The tile comes in 10 large sheets per box and you just peel the back paper off. The directions say just to apply the tiles directly to the walls but since our house is old we don't have any flat walls so I decided to use some liquid nails behind each sheet. Laying the sheets out is like a puzzle and you just use a box cutter to cut the sheets to fit! I'm not going to lie, it was pretty meticulous to get everything lined up and straight, so you may not want this to be your first diy.

This project started to drag because I kept needing one more box of tiles. And one more box. I needed 4 more boxes than I originally bought, so it was a total of 6 boxes at $30 a box (for a total of $180). It ended up being more than I thought I would spend on this project, but it was so worth it and significantly cheaper than doing real tile.

I took this project in pregnant-energy bursts, so it took a few weeks, but you could knock it out in a solid day! It really made such a huge difference and I'm glad I got it done before babe got here. I'd love to take it down and put some real tile up before we leave this house but this is a really great stand-in until then.


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