November 18, 2019

New GE French Door Fridge for the Kitchen!

We've lived with a fridge from the 1970's since we moved in. It came with the house, but was originally an almond color so I spray painted it with appliance epoxy and we lived with it for 3 years. It was a whirlpool and was a really nice fridge for the time, it lasted almost 50 years! For the last 6 months we had to kick the bottom of the door for it to fully shut, it was time for an upgrade. We searched the sales for the last two months and finally Lowes and Home Depot came out with their pre-Black Friday sales.

We really needed something that was counter depth, the last one stuck out 5 inches and was a pain in the butt. It needed to be black to match the other appliances and preferably had the freezer on the bottom. With all those requirements it really came down to only a few options. We settled on this beautiful black GE from Lowes for 10% off. The hardest part of installing this fridge was getting it inside the door, or so we thought. What turned out to be the most difficult was putting the handles on. They're supposed to just slide on until you hear a click, but what they don't tell you is that you have to forcibly push/pull/hammer the handles until it clicks. 

One of the selling features for me was the internal water dispenser, meaning we could get rid of our gigantic Brita filter that took up a fourth of the space and we had to tote to the sink every time it needed to be filled (which was like every day). It also has a timer that goes off after about a minute of the doors being open. It may seem annoying but one of my pet peeves is people standing in front of an open fridge just looking, so I love this feature. There is also a digital display of the temperature which you can easily adjust up or down. Our previous fridge had this weird swivel rolly thing that was super complicated. No more!

I have never had a french door fridge and after two days of using it I love it. Just having the fridge space on top and the freezer on bottom makes my life so much easier. I didn't realize how much we had to bend over to get in the fridge until I didn't have to any more. 

This is also the first time we've had an ice maker, which I'm a fan of. Both Auston and I agreed that it doesn't have ample freezer space like our last one did. This is a n 18.6 cubic feet instead of the some 21ish cubic feet our last one was, which is probably taken out of the freezer. It's not a deal breaker for us because we don't really use it for anything other than storing the bulk chicken and some fish. If having a big freezer space is a big "must" for you, this may not be the fridge for you.

Even though this has technically less cubic feet, I feel like it's bigger because it uses the space more efficiently. One space saving piece is the door storage. We always had trouble storing anything gallon size because it didn't fit in the door. This fridge has 6 movable bins across both doors and they're big enough to fit gallon sized jugs. 

I also am not head over heels for the finish. It's more glossy than I thought it would be and I can foresee little finger prints covering the entire thing. Matte black would have been ideal but you start to get in the big price ranges when you talk special finished. But again, not a big deal breaker for me.

All in all, I love this fridge so far! Granted it's only been two days so I'll give you in update in a year or so. It's great to look at but has all the functionality we need. It was a great price and checked all our boxes. I've heard great things about GE and I'm ready to experience one for myself. Do you have a favorite fridge/appliance brand?

You can also catch a sneak peek of part of my Christmas Home Tour that will go live Wednesday!

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