October 9, 2019

One Room Challenge | Week 2: The Neutral Minimalist Mood Board

It feels like with every new room, every new mood board, I get a little closer to finding my actual style. l feel a little more comfortable letting go of color and exploring more with texture. I've pinned and saved so many photos to come to the conclusion that the spaces I really love have minimal color but are always still so beautiful and interesting. This week for my One Room Challenge update I tried to find products that I loved both individually and in the same space Once they all were side by side, I could see the room's vision come together. Like a lightbulb went off. My neutral, minimal room is ready to be uncovered.

Before I put the mood board together, I really have no idea what direction the space will take. That's why Week 2's are always a milestone for me. It's the week I really decide what the room's going to look like. For all you blogging friends, or if you just want to make a mood board, I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Those are both paid, but Chris Loves Julia has a great post about several free resources to help you make your own mood board.

Normally I gravitate towards lighter furniture, but the dark dresser from IKEA really jumped out to me. I've loved the one we have in our bedroom so I'm fine with the quality, but I do think this piece would look better with some different knobs. Maybe something leather, or marble, or wooden?

I wanted to keep the bedding as light as possible but really incorporate heavy texture. The waffle blanket from McGee & Co is the perfect way to top off a linen sheet set. The light color really lets the wooden spindle bed frame shine.

This next week is painting week! Normally it's a job I can handle on my own because it's usually a flat wall, but this wall treatment is going to need a lot of brush attention. I've decided to stick with my absolute favorite custom shade of Snow Fall from Behr. 

If you're an avid ORC fan you know how to visit all the posts. if you're new, head over to the ORC blog's guest participant list and check out all the other posts for the week.


  1. Yesss!! I LOVE the pieces you chose!! And wow, that rug is a great price for wool!

  2. This room promises to be stunning! And I love the dark dresser. Here's to another productive week!

    1. Thank you! It really stood out to me so I'm excited to work it in.

  3. The bed is beautiful, and I love the entire mood you are working on :)

  4. I am loving the direction you are going with your master bedroom! I'm redoing ours as well and am trying to repurpose what I have!


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