April 30, 2018

New Farm Table for the Dining Room

We hardly eat at our dining room table. We're either on different lunch hours or just plop in front of the tv for dinner to watch the Office. Partly because it's just us two, but mostly because the table is usually covered with stuff. And since it is so small, it doesn't take much to  cover it up! But this weekend, we moved in a big, beautiful farm table.

I mean, seriously, look how tiny our old table was in the space! When you have a small-ish space, it is easy to think a big piece will make the room feel smaller. But, the opposite is actually true. Larger pieces make spaces feel bigger. It's the same principle of "high and wide" for hanging window dressings.

It's so clean! The perfect time to get the swiffer out. 

The boys helped get the table here and off the truck, then toted everything inside.

It turned out so good! And like every hand-me-down we have, we'll treasure it and all the memories it brings with it. 

It hard to imagine the space without this gorgeous table! It can fit 8 chairs but for now we only have it set for 6. We can't wait to make some more memories here.

Tomorrow we're going to reveal our Spring Makeover Space #1, the playroom! It's so cute and I can't wait for you guys to see it.

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