April 25, 2018

One Room Challenge | Week 4: Painted Ceiling Fan

Yesterday we revealed our Spring Makeover space #2 we completed this weekend, and needless to say that's where all our time went this weekend. So it'll be a super short post today guys, but you know how it goes! We've had this fan base sitting on the guest room ceiling since we moved in with no blades and terrible brass colors. Week 4 of the One Room Challenge gave me the motivation I needed to finally take it down and paint everything.

It wasn't hard to start since the blades have been sitting on the back porch for almost a year and a half (crap has it really been that long?).

Just some plain old fan blades from the 70's.

I used my trusty Rustoleum black spray paint to do two coats on the front and back of the blades.

Pop 'em back up on the fan.

And screw the glass back in.

Now it's a little less of an eye sore. It'd be ideal to have recessed lighting, but maybe we'll get to that one day.

Week 4 didn't include a ton of progress on my end but for some reason I get a crap ton done the very last week of this challenge, so I'm sure it'll come together. But I'm anxious for it to be over haha.

Check out the other guest participants this week, there's a few I'm really excited to see the progress on!


  1. This is such a smart idea! It might not be your ideal fixture, but the paint gives it a totally fresh look!

    1. Thanks Stevie!! Totally! I just keep telling myself we won't be here long so it would be dumb to invest in nice recessed. Thanks!


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